Pigskins & Pigtails Transfer Tape

Frequently Asked Questions: Transfer Tape

Why is my vinyl not sticking to my screen?

When transferring your vinyl design to your screen printing frame with this transfer tape, make sure your screen is extremely tight.  If your screen has any give to it, it will make transferring your vinyl very difficult.

Can this transfer tape be used for projects other than screen printing?

You bet!  This tape works well in so many applications.  It has enough stickiness to grab the vinyl but it also releases easily – even on textured walls or butcher paper.

What type of vinyl can I use?

You can use this transfer tape with a variety of brands and types of vinyl.  For screen printing, I love using Oracal 651 vinyl. I find that it sticks well to the screen, even after it is coated in ink.

Can I reuse the tape?

Yes!  Save your used pieces carefully and you should be able to get a few applications out of each piece.