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It's Jennifer with Pigskins & Pigtails. In my workshop, I talk about how my #1 favorite thing to do with my Cricut machine is… SCREEN PRINTING!  BUT…. not every project is meant to be screen printed. I hope you find my presentation helpful in deciding which process is right for your next project.

Watch my Sublimation vs Screen Printing workshop + more videos by purchasing an All-Access Pass.

My Favorite Shirts for Sublimation

These are my favorite 100% polyester jersey knit t-shirts – perfect for sublimation when you want a shirt that feels more like a cotton/poly blend.

Beginner's Screen Printing Course

Learn to Screen Print with Your Cricut or Silhouette

This beginner's course will teach you the basic steps to make your first screen printed project. Learn the 10 simple steps to screen printing success, so you can have the confidence to start your own projects right away. Plus, learn my trick for perfectly aligning your screen on your shirt each time.

9 Video Lesson + Printable eBook
Instructor: Jennifer Sanderson, Pigskins & Pigtails
Cost: $97  $48.50 
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Screen Printing Supplies

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speedball screen printing vinyl kit box

Screen Printing with Craft Vinyl Beginner Kit

Get all the essential supplies you need to start screen printing at home with your vinyl cutting machine.

speedball screen printing kit vinyl

Deluxe Screen Printing with Vinyl Kit

All of the basic supplies you need to get started PLUS an extra screen and upgrade squeegee for mastering multi-color designs. Also includes syringes and cups to learn all about mixing custom ink colors. 

Ink recipe guides pigskinsandpigtails mixing speedball ink

Ink Recipe Guides

Download my guides for mixing Speedball fabric inks.  Each guides includes proportions needed to mix 18 new colors. 

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