My Screen Printing Supply List

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Everything You Need to Get Started

speedball screen printing vinyl kit box

Screen Printing with Craft Vinyl Beginner Kit

Get all the essential supplies you need to start screen printing at home with your vinyl cutting machine.

speedball screen printing kit vinyl

Deluxe Screen Printing with Vinyl Kit

All of the basic supplies you need to get started PLUS an extra screen and upgrade squeegee for mastering multi-color designs. Also includes syringes and cups to learn all about mixing custom ink colors.

Screen Printing Press

Screen Printing Press

Exciting news!  I'm launching my very own Pigskins & Pigtails Screen Printing Press soon!  If you are thinking about adding a screen printing press to your process, I'd love to send you more details on what this press will do. Sign up here for more details

Before working on this new press design, here are the models I used:

Riley Hopkins 150
Amazon Economy 1-Color Press
Which one should you purchase?

Riley Hopkins 4-Color Press
Amazon Economy 4-Color Press

Screen Printing Press Pallets

Sleeve/Leg Platen for Riley Press
Koozie/Pocket Platen for Riley Press

Screens for Riley Hopkins Presses

16 x 20 Aluminum Frame 110 Mesh
20 x 24 Aluminum Frame 110 Mesh

Screen Printing Press Must-Haves

Pallet Adhesive (makes the shirt stick to your pallet)
Pallet Tape (makes cleaning up adhesive easier)


Wood Cart from IKEA (I use this for my 1-color press)
Metal Cart from IKEA (I use this for my 4-color press)

Vinyl Cutters

speedball screen printing vinyl kit box

Siser Romeo and Juliet

I have the 24″ Romeo cutter and love it!  The Juliet is the 12″ version. Both use the Siser Leonardo Studio software (free). 

speedball screen printing kit vinyl

Cricut Cutting Machines

I have been a long time Cricut user and tried all of the machines. Each one will work for cutting vinyl to use with screen printing.