My Screen Printing Supply List

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Everything You Need to Get Started

Essential Supplies to Get Started

More Helpful Supplies & Refills

Below you can read more details about each of these essential supplies as well as see some other tools and supplies I find very helpful.

Screen Printing Press

1-Color Screen Printing Press

Riley Hopkins 150
Amazon Economy 1-Color Press
Which one should you purchase?

4-Color Screen Printing Press

Riley Hopkins 4-Color Press
Amazon Economy 4-Color Press

Riley Hopkins Pallets

Sleeve/Leg Platen for Riley Press
Koozie/Pocket Platen for Riley Press

Screens for Riley Hopkins Presses

16 x 20 Aluminum Frame 110 Mesh
20 x 24 Aluminum Frame 110 Mesh

Screen Printing Press Must-Haves

Pallet Adhesive (makes the shirt stick to your pallet)
Pallet Tape (makes cleaning up adhesive easier)


Wood Cart from IKEA (I use this for my 1-color press)
Metal Cart from IKEA (I use this for my 4-color press)