How to Screen Print with Craft Vinyl in 10 Easy Steps

With your vinyl cutter, you can create custom screen printed t-shirts at home with no chemicals! Follow the step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) and you will be creating your own t-shirts in no time at all.

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Everything You Need to Get Started

Essential Supplies to Get Started

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't my vinyl stick to the screen?

I have tested several types of transfer tape and found one that works the best.  This is my favorite transfer tape to use with screen printing.  If you are frustrated that your vinyl won’t stick to the screen, try this tape

How do you size and align the design on your shirt?

I have a few tricks for sizing and aligning designs on my shirts.  The size of the design is typically adjusted based on the look I’m going for.  I use my dot trick to easily line up the screen on my shirt.  This is especially helpful when you are working on multiple shirts.  No more guessing whether the screen is centered!

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Can I reuse my screen?

Yes, you can use the same screen to make as many prints of one design as you need.  Once you are done, immediately remove the adhesive vinyl and wash your screen with water.  After your screen is dry, it is ready to use again for your next project!  Here more information about How to Clean Your Speedball Screen.

Where do you buy your shirts?

I shop at Shirts in Bulk.  They have fast delivery and ship for free when you spend $50! Here are my favorite brands and styles: My Favorite Blanks for Screen Printing

How many shirts can you make with one piece of vinyl?

This is the most exciting part about screen printing with vinyl (instead of using HTV). With one vinyl stencil on the screen, you can use it over and over to make 75 or more shirts!  I’ve successfully tested up to 75 (haven’t had a need for more shirts than that yet!) and could have kept going. 

Got More Questions?

My “Beginner’s Guide to Screen Printing with Craft Vinyl” ebook and course will answer:

  • How do you print multiple shirts with the same screen?
  • How do you clean and maintain your screen?
  • What is a screen printing press and why would I need one?
  • What can I do if I completely mess up a shirt?

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