Screen Printing with Vinyl

I'm so glad you're here! I'm Jennifer, the screen printing crafter behind Pigskins & Pigtails. I have taught thousands of crafters how to make better quality shirts using their Cricut, Silhouette or Siser vinyl cutters. I'm excited to teach you too!

I started crafting shirts using iron-on vinyl (HTV). I made shirts for years with this method. It was fast and easy, but I never loved the feel of vinyl on a shirt. Then I discovered screen printing. Boy, was it a game changer!

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Not only is screen printing more comfortable to wear, but it's also incredibly durable, lasting as long as the shirt itself!

The best part? You only need to cut and weed your design once. Need 20 family reunion shirts? With screen printing, one vinyl cut does it all, saving both time and money!

Watch this video for more about why I love screen printing:

Using Vinyl for Screen Printing

Traditionally, screen printing entails applying a light-sensitive emulsion to a mesh screen, exposing it to light through a film positive, and washing away the unexposed emulsion to create a stencil. This stencil is then used to directly transfer ink onto your garment, resulting in a high-quality, durable print.

As a dedicated Cricut crafter who appreciates the convenience of crafting with heat transfer vinyl (HTV), I was excited to merge the quality and efficiency of screen printing with the user-friendly nature of vinyl.

By using vinyl on a screen instead of emulsion, you can setup a screen much quicker and in the convenience of your home craft room. Want to see how much quicker? Watch me race 2 screen printing pros.

With the help of a vinyl cutter, you can get started screen printing at home.

Screen Printing Supplies

Ready to jump into screen printing with your vinyl cutter? I've got two starter kits, created in collaboration with Speedball, just for you. These kits are custom-tailored for my vinyl screen printing method and packed with all the essentials to get you started. Plus, each kit comes with a step-by-step instruction sheet.

speedball screen printing vinyl kit box

Screen Printing with Craft Vinyl Beginner Kit

Get all the essential supplies you need to start screen printing at home with your vinyl cutting machine.

speedball screen printing kit vinyl

Deluxe Screen Printing with Vinyl Kit

All of the basic supplies you need to get started PLUS an extra screen and upgrade squeegee for mastering multi-color designs. Also includes syringes and cups to learn all about mixing custom ink colors.

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Need Help Getting Started?

I know starting a new craft can be intimidating.  That is why I created an online course and printable eBook to walk you through the process.  You'll even get the SVGs I use in the lessons so you can follow along step-by-step.

Online Course for Beginners

This beginner's course will teach you the basic steps to make your first screen printed project. Learn the 10 simple steps to screen printing success, so you can have the confidence to start your own projects right away. Here's what's included in the course:

  • Overview of supplies needed 
  • How to setup your workspace
  • 10 step process for screen printing with vinyl
  • How to clean and maintain your supplies
  • How to perfectly size and align your designs on a shirt
  • Process for screen printing multi-color designs
  • Making a permanent screen with HTV
  • Tips for using white ink
  • Troubleshooting common mistakes

9 Video Lesson + Printable eBook
Instructor: Jennifer Sanderson, Pigskins & Pigtails
Cost: $97

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't my vinyl stick to the screen?

I have tested several types of transfer tape and found one that works the best.  This is my favorite transfer tape to use with screen printing.  If you are frustrated that your vinyl won’t stick to the screen, try this tape

Can I reuse my screen?

Yes, you can use the same screen to make as many prints of one design as you need.  Once you are done, immediately remove the adhesive vinyl and wash your screen with water.  After your screen is dry, it is ready to use again for your next project!  Here's more information about How to Clean Your Speedball Screen.

Which screen printing setup do you recommend?

The best setup depends on your skill level. Each of these setups have everything you need to successfully complete whatever project you are working on right now.

Read this post for my recommended Beginner Setup, Intermediate Setup and Full Expert Level At-Home Setup

Adding a screen printing press was a game changer for me. I'm excited to be launching a brand NEW screen printing press that I know you will love. It's portable, compact and so much more. Learn about my new press here.

Where do you buy your shirts?

Threadsy carrries all of my favorite brands of blank t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, kids' sizes, and more. The variety of color options and sizes along with the quick shipping make this my go-to for screen printing blanks. Not sure what to order? Here are my favorite brands and styles: My Favorite Blanks for Screen Printing

Looking for Bella+Canvas Blanks? You can get great prices directly from Bella+Canvas by registering for a free Maker Account.

How many shirts can you make with one piece of vinyl?

This is the most exciting part about screen printing with vinyl (instead of using HTV). With one vinyl stencil on the screen, you can use it over and over to make hundreds of shirts!  I've successfully tested up to 250 and could have kept going.

Have More Questions?

My Beginner's Online Course and eBook will answer:

  • How do you print multiple shirts with the same screen?
  • How do you clean and maintain your screen?
  • How do you avoid ink bleeding under the vinyl?
  • What can I do if I completely mess up a shirt?

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