Screen Printer Starter Press

Your Portable Print Shop

Space Saving

The perfect, compact size for crafting in small spaces.

Unlimited Color Possibilities

Setup and print multi-color designs with ease.

User Friendly

Easy to use for beginners and experienced screen printers. Includes step-by-step setup instructions.


Print anywhere – Suction cup base attaches to most surfaces.


Get started with the screens and platens you already have.

Made in the USA

Sturdy, solid construction backed by experienced industry experts to help you through the process.

No LImits

Unlimited Color Possibilities

Quick release clamps allow you to register multi-color designs and swap out the screens without losing your registration. Add-on clamps for an unlimited number of colors.

Portable and Space Saving

Print and Put Away

At just over 12” by 21”  by 17”, this compact press takes up less space while maintaining a sturdy structure.

Suction cup base attaches to most surfaces, so you don't have to permanently mount the press. The press can be moved easily and stowed away when not in use.

21 LBS

with platen

16 LBS

without platen

Works with Various Frame Types and Sizes

Get started with the screens you already have. This press works with wood and aluminum frames including the 10×14 Speedball frames included in my Screen Printing with Vinyl Kits.

Change the Platen

The universal press base works with a variety of platen types. Switch platens to screen print smaller size shirts, koozies, pockets, sleeves and more.

What's in the Box?

Starter Press

14x14 Platen

2 Quick Release Clamps

Setup Instructions

New to Screen Printing? Get one of my Speedball Screen Printing with Vinyl Beginner Kits for all of the basic supplies to start screen printing with your vinyl cutter. This press is compatible with the supplies found in these kits.

Recommended Accessories

Take your press to the next level with these recommended add-ons.

Pallet Adhesive

To use your press properly, you need to apply an adhesive to the pallet. This 2oz. liquid adhesive is perfect for beginners.

Additional Clamps

The press includes 2 clamps – which will allow you to print 2-color designs. Add additional clamps and screens to print more colors.

Screen Printing Frame

Pigskins & Pigtails screens are lightweight yet sturdy. The mesh stays tight making it easier to apply your vinyl. The 14x18in size fits perfectly with the screen printing press.

11-in Squeegee

The Pigskins & Pigtails fits perfectly with the 14x18in frames for printing designs up to 10.5″ wide. The slim profile handle is sturdy and the blade is firm – both giving you better control over your ink.

Your Print Partners

Ongoing Support

As this press becomes the next step in your screen printing journey, know that you are not going to be alone.  Pigskins & Pigtails and Ryonet are here to support you along the way. From the detailed Setup Guide included with the press to tutorial videos, you will have lots of information to guide you. Plus, you can reach out to us anytime with questions.

From My Home Craft Room to Yours

When I started screen printing, I found most equipment too bulky for my home setup. The screen printing press I've developed is the solution: it's compact and portable. But don't let its size fool you! It's capable of aligning unlimited, multi-color designs too.

This press combines all of my needs as a home screen printer into something I am proud to display on my table or wall. I'm thrilled to pass on this tool to you and can’t wait to see the creations you'll bring to life with it.

craft room screen print studio setup