Stretch Ink for Foil

Want to add a special touch to your screen printing projects?  Stretch ink and foil transfers give your projects an extra special detail.

How to Use:

  • Screen print the stretch ink just like you would normal ink colors.
  • Dry the ink to the touch using a heat gun or flash dryer.
  • Place the screen printing foil with the shinny side up covering your design.
  • Press at 350 degrees for 15 seconds
  • Wait 15-30 seconds for it to cool, then peel away the foil sheet.

Pro Tips:

  • Foil transfers don't always transfer 100% perfectly. Some screen printers will print an underbase ink that matches the foil.
  • Wash your shirts inside-out to help preserve the foil.
  • This ink is a plastisol ink, so it does not clean up as easily as water based inks. Use Plastisol Screen Wash to clean your screen.