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It's Jennifer with Pigskins & Pigtails. Typically you see me sharing all about screen printing with vinyl. I have inspired thousands of crafters to start a t-shirt business with screen printing and a vinyl cutter. Now I’m excited to share more about how to turn those products into PROFIT!

Product photography is a critical part of selling your handmade products. In my Crafting for Profit session, you will learn some easy tricks to improve your photography.

Plan Your Product Photography

Start Taking Better Product Photos

Better product photos will elevate your products and make them stand out on your website and social media. The process starts by planning out your photo sessions (even if you are taking them at home by yourself).  This printable/digital file will help you organize the product photos you need to take.


Download my Product Photography Guide

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This ebook includes an explanation of the 3 Types of Photos every product business needs. Plus, get my tips for creating a DIY photo setup with dollar store foam boards.

NOT AN ALL ACCESS MEMBER? The All-Access Pass includes on-demand access to 28 workshops and transcripts, PLUS more than $300 worth of business bonuses – including my Product Photography Guide!

Photography Equipment Essentials

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Improve Your Photography with Pro Level Equipment

Photography equipment for makers

Photography Equipment I Use (and love)

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