Ready to Learn How to Screen Print with Vinyl?

You can start making better quality shirts at home using your Cricut or Silhouette.  My easy to follow video course will show you exactly how to screen print with vinyl.

learn screen printing vinyl cricut silhouette tutorial how to

Learn the 10 simple steps to screen printing success, so you can have the confidence to start your own projects right away.

Are you currently making HTV shirts but not happy with the way they hold up?
Are you selling your shirts and looking for a better quality product?
Not sure how to make the leap from HTV to screen printing?

I'm here to show you that you can do it!

Ready to Get Started?

screen printing tutorial cricut silhouette how to

learn all the details so you can start your first project with confidence

Want to get started but worried you will mess up?  Jennifer will guide you through each step. With the FREE SVG download, you can walk through step by step as you follow along with the video lessons.

After watching the short lessons, you will be able to:

Setup, Cut, and Print 1-Color Designs

Setup, Cut, Align, and Print Multi-Color Designs

Properly Cure Your Apparel for Long-Lasting 

I took Jennifer's class on screen printing and I'm in LOVE. It was a very detailed course.  I'm officially hooked on screen printing!!



What's in the Course


Supplies and Workspace

Explanation of the supplies you will need and how to setup your workspace.


10 Step Process

We will walk through each step in detail to screen print your first shirt.



Learn how to properly maintain your screen for extended life including how to tighten and replace your screen printing mesh.


Dot Trick

Learn my trick for perfectly aligning your screen on your shirt each time.


Multi-Color Screen Printing Process

Tackle multi-color designs with ease as we learn how to use registration marks to line up multiple layers.


Permanent Screen with HTV

Want to save and reuse a design on your screen? Learn how to use HTV to make a reusable screen that you can wash and save for later.


White Ink

White ink is tricky for beginners. This lesson will uncover the 3 types of white ink I use and when to use them.



Having trouble getting a perfect print? These tips teach you how to avoid common issues that cause bleeding.

screen printing with vinyl ebook pigskins and pigtails

What's included?

Lifetime access to watch and rewatch all of the video lessons.

“Beginner's Guide to Screen Printing with Craft Vinyl” ebook that follows along with the steps in the videos.

“Size and Align Guide” for more accurate design placement.

2 Cut Files (SVG/DXF/EPS) so you can follow along with the videos to make your own shirts.

Jennifer is an excellent teacher!! I highly recommend her course. I have learned so much from her, she makes the process easy & fun!!❤️❤️❤️



screen printing tutorial cricut silhouette how to

Who Should Take This Course

Are you a crafter who is ready to take the leap from HTV to screen printing? Would you benefit from seeing and hearing real time step-by-step instructions? If so, this course is for you!

I know trying a new craft can be overwhelming. I am here to walk you through the process and explain each step as we go. This course will leave you with the confidence to try your first screen printing project.

Learn to Screen Print with Your Vinyl Cutter

pigskins and pigtails screen printing

Meet Your Instructor

Hi!  I'm Jennifer Sanderson.  I'm obsessed with screen printing with my Cricut machine!  If you have seen my tutorial videos or project ideas, you know just how crazy I am about the process.  I love sharing my passion with YOU!

I created this course to help you gain the knowledge and confidence to try screen printing with vinyl.  I just know that once you give it a try, you will love it as much as I do.

In signing up for this course, know that I'm here to help you along the way.  If you have any questions or just need some encouragement to make your first project, you can reach out to me for support. 

I can't wait for you to fall in love with screen printing!  Let's get started!


Ready to Get Started?