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Apr 2, 2024 | Screen Printing, Screen Printing Press

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My journey into screen printing began after a trip to the craft store. I wanted to try something new. I added a Speedball screen and squeegee to my cart. I started with just the basics – before adding a screen printing press to my process.

After years of making shirts with HTV cut on my Cricut, I was looking for a way to get better results – something with a softer feel and more permanent result. Little did I know that this trip would lead me to creating 2 screen printing starter kits AND introducing my own screen printing press a few years later! 

screen printer starter press easy to use

My Vinyl Screen Printing Method

Traditional screen printing was a bit intimidating.  I didn't want to deal with chemicals and needing a dark room. So, I experimented with using my vinyl cutter to create stencils that I could adhere to the screen frame. To my surprise, it worked like a charm! This success prompted me to share my newfound method on YouTube, marking the beginning of my journey in teaching screen printing to fellow crafters.

If you've been following my journey from those early days, you'll recall that all my screen printing was done right on my craft room table, with the screen placed directly on top of the shirt. Of course, there were a few mistakes along the way, I'd lift the screen only to discover I'd missed a spot. Despite my attempts to find a workaround, I soon realized that what I truly needed was a screen printing press.

screen print with vinyl kit using a cricut machine

What I learned from my first screen printing press

My first investment in my screen printing venture was a basic 1-color press from Amazon. This was a game-changer! No longer did I have to guess if I had enough ink on the shirt when I lifted the screen. The beauty of a screen printing press lies in its ability to lift and lower the screen, ensuring perfect alignment every time.

However, mastering this press took some trial and error. With limited support and instructions available online, I found myself learning as I went along. Eventually, I upgraded to a Riley Hopkins 150 press. The setup and support for this product were far superior but it did have some limitations – one being that I couldn't use my Speedball 10×14 frames.  The tension was just too much for these wood frames.

With the introduction of my Pigskins & Pigtails Screen Printer Starter Press, I've taken these challenges and things I learned over the years and created my ideal beginner screen printing press.

I took the functionality of a starter screen printing press and created one that is portable, easy to use, and backed with tons of support!

screen print with vinyl at home using a cricut

Screen Print 4-Colors or MORE in less space

Eager to expand my capabilities, I decided to add a 4-color press to my craft room setup. Little did I know, setting it up would prove to be a nightmare. The first package I received from Amazon was missing parts, and while the replacement arrived with the essential pieces, the sheer bulk of the press required careful maneuvering.

After a bit of a learning curve, I started to become more comfortable making multi-color projects on this press. I shared some tutorials and eventually released a Screen Printing with a Press online course, where I share all of the tips and tricks I learned in mastering both of these screen printing presses. 

However, the bulkiness of the press caused me to avoid multi-color projects, favoring my trusty 1-color press instead. This reluctance to use the 4-color press is evident in my Instagram posts, where it rarely made an appearance.

Determined to merge the compactness of a 1-color press with the functionality of a 4-color press, I collaborated with Ryonet to create the Pigskins & Pigtails Screen Printer Starter Press . This innovative press not only achieves multi-color printing in a smaller space but also offers limitless color possibilities. For each additional color, simply add a quick-release clamp and screen.

multi-color screen printing press

Why Choose the Screen Printer Starter Press?

  • Space-saving: The compact  design not only saves space, but it is extremely sturdy.
  • Portable: The suction cup feet attach to most surfaces so you can move this press around. When you're done, you can hang it on a wall, pegboard or store it in a closet or cabinet. 
  • Infinite Color Options: Effortlessly switch between colors for multi-color designs. Thanks to the quick-release clamps, you can register your design once and lock in its placement. Then, with the clamp securely attached, swap screens to print each color of your design seamlessly. These clamps ensure your registration remains intact, allowing you to print multi-color designs one after anothe    r with precision and ease.
  • Crafted in the USA with Reliable Support: In your screen printing journey, you won't be navigating alone. I recall the hurdles I encountered when mastering my first press. That's why I teamed up with Ryonet for this press; their dedication to education and expert support made them the perfect partner. With their responsive customer service and the instructional videos I provide, you'll be well-equipped to tackle every project confidently on this press.

portable screen printing press hanging in craft room

I'm thrilled to offer this innovative screen printing press to you! With its user-friendly design and endless possibilities, I'm confident it will provide a smoother experience than my own journey and help you become a screen printing expert in no time.

Screen Printer Starter Press Available on

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  1. When printing the image that you use to align the screens with, what software are you using? I am currently using cricut design space for my vinyl cutting but I am not sure cricut “print and cut” is the best way to do it. Got my press today, can’t wait to try it!


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