6 Things to Make for Game Day with your Cricut

Sep 15, 2023 | Project Ideas, Screen Printing

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Game day is not just about cheering for your favorite team; it's also a fantastic opportunity to get your Cricut out and make custom DIY Game Day gear!  Whether you're hosting a tailgate party, watching your kids play or heading to the stadium, adding a touch of team spirit to your attire and accessories can make the experience even more fun.

In this blog post, I'm sharing 6 creative ways to decorate for game day. You know I love screen printing with vinyl on all of my projects, but 2 of these items work better using a different method. Keep reading to find out why!

1: Screen Print a Replica Jersey

screen print personalized football jersey tutorial

A replica jersey is a must-have for any dedicated fan. These blank jerseys come in a variety of colors and work great with screen printing.

You can add your favorite player's name and number or any other game day SVG. 

Why is screen printing the best method for this?

Decorating a blank mesh jersey with HTV covers the holes.  With screen printing, the ink goes through the holes leaving a great looking print on mesh.

TIP: If you are using a screen printing press, be sure to dry the press between print so you don't get wet ink on the next jersey.  Here's an Instagram video showing this process.

2: Screen Print on a Jacket

screen printing jacket pocket tips tricks

Stay warm and stylish on game day with a customized jacket. Use vinyl screen printing to display your team's logo, mascot, or any other design that represents your favorite team. A well-decorated jacket not only keeps you cozy in cooler weather but also allows you to show off your DIY spirit on those cold game days.

Tips for Screen Printing on 100% Polyester Jackets

  • If you choose a dark color jacket and a lighter color ink, you may run into dye migration issues.  This is when the dye from the polyester mixes with your ink color when you heat press it. To avoid dye migration, try using a Green Galaxy ink with Warp Drive low cure additive.  This will allow you to cure the ink at a lower temperature and avoid this issue. 
  • The blank jacket you use will make a big difference. This varsity jacket from Press Hall has a hidden zipper that allows you to secure the outside layer of the jacket on your press so it doesn't move during printing. 
  • Using a screen printing press with the sleeve platen worked really well for me when printing on the pocket of this jacket. You want to create a smooth, flat surface when screen printing – avoiding any seams or buttons. 

3: Customize a Stadium Seat with Screen Printing

personalize stadium chair seat with screen printing cricut vinyl

If you're attending the game in person, don't forget to deck out your stadium chair with some team spirit. Customize your chair with vinyl screen printing featuring your team's name and logo. Not only will it provide comfort during the game, but it's a fun item to personalize!

Tips for Screen Printing on Stadium Seat

  • Getting a flat, smooth surface is the key to screen printing. This stadium seat offers a back zipper pocket.  I put a thin wood board inside to lift the print surface away from the seams and bumps of the chair.
  • If you are screen printing with your press, raise the clamp to adjust to the thickness of the stadium seat.
  • Just like the jackets, this item is prone to dye migration. Try using a Green Galaxy ink with Warp Drive low cure additive.  This will allow you to cure the ink at a lower temperature to avoid burning the chair or losing the brightness of your ink color. 

4: Screen Print on an Oversized Stadium Blanket

screen print blanket sweatshirt style soft personalized

This oversized stadium blanket is big enough to wrap yourself and your kiddos up on cold game days. 

Why is screen printing the best method for blankets?

Water based screen printing ink, like Speedball ink, soaks into the fabric leaving a soft print. Unlike HTV or plastisol inks, you can barely feel water based ink after it dries. This is ideal for keeping your blankets soft and cuddly. 

5: Decorate a Hat with HTV

heat press hat siser brick htv

I have screen printed on blank hats before, but this process can be tricky without the right equipment. In order to get a good screen print, your screen needs to sit flush with the hat. Because hats are a curved surface, this is challenging.  So, instead, I opted for Brick HTV from Siser.  This vinyl can be ironed or heat-pressed onto your hat. A hat press makes this process very easy but it can be done with an iron as well.

Brick HTV is thicker than regular heat transfer vinyl – leaving a raised texture that looks great on hats.

6: Add a Vinyl Decal to a Clear Stadium Tote Bag

clear stadium bag diy cricut vinyl oracal 651

When heading to the stadium, you'll likely need a clear bag to comply with security regulations. Why not make it a fashionable statement with a little vinyl decal.  Use adhesive vinyl to decorate your clear stadium tote bag with your team's logo, initials, or a creative design that showcases your love for the game. 

This is a great beginner project if you are the new owner of a vinyl cutting machine.  Here's how it's done:

  1. Cut the design on adhesive vinyl.  I like to use Oracal 651.
  2. Peel the vinyl away around your design. 
  3. Use transfer tape to grab the vinyl and remove the backing paper.
  4. Apply the vinyl on the outside of your bag. 
  5. Remove the transfer tape.

That's it! Very easy way to decorate your clear stadium tote bag!

screen printing game day gear with press hall

Game day is all about celebrating your favorite team and creating lasting memories. By incorporating these creative decoration methods using vinyl and HTV, you can elevate your game day experience and stand out as a true fan. Whether you're at the stadium or hosting a watch party at home, these personalized decorations will help you display your team spirit proudly. So, gear up, get creative, and let the games begin!

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