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Feb 18, 2023 | Craft Room

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Welcome to my Craft Room

As makers, we all need a space that inspires us to dream up our next big idea. Over the years, I have updated and reorganized my craft room dozens of times. Anytime I take on a new craft (most recently sublimation), I have to rearrange to fit new equipment and find storage for all the accessories. 

Not only is this space used for my crafting, it's also my office space.  I have developed products and launched some exciting projects from this room in our home. 

It doesn’t matter if your crafting is a business like mine, a side hustle, or just a hobby, having an organized, efficient space helps get the creative juices flowing. 

ikea- furniture craft office room

My Craft Room Furniture

Desks: Sit-Stand Table (located in middle of the room) and Desk with storage drawers

Cabinets: Cabinets with Doors

Chairs: Rolling Office Chair / Rolling Stools

cricut setup hack slide storage

Cricut Storage Solutions

Rolling Carts: Lexington Rolling Cart with Topper

Storage Drawers: 6-Drawer Cart

Wall Storage: Peg Board 

Cricut Pull Out Shelf: Learn how to make it

  Screen Printing Home Setup

screen printing press setup

My Screen Printing Equipment

Screen Printing Carts: Wooden Screen Printing Cart for my 1-color presses / Metal Rolling Cart for my 4-color press

1-Color Presses: Economy 1-Color Press / Riley Hopkins 150 Screen Printing Press

Not sure which press is right for you? Check out my comparison of the economy Amazon press vs. Ryonet's Riley Hopkins 150 press.

4-Color Press: I currently have an Economy 4-Color Press but highly recommend comparing it to the Riley Hopkins 150 4-color.

Screen Printing Ink Storage

craft ink paint storage cabinet

Wall Storage:  Ink Jar Shelves / Custom Ink Shelf DIY

Other Ink Storage: Ink Jar Containers / Cabinets with Doors

Squeegee Rack: Pan Lid Organizer Mounted to Wall

Sublimation and Heat Presses

sublimation storage setup

I recently added sublimation to my craft room with a Sawgrass 1000.  Blank coffee mugs and tumblers take up more room than t-shirts so I found a cart with lots of storage. 

Heat Presses:  Cricut AutoPress / ProWorld 15×15 Press / Cabinets both from IKEA

Sublimation: Rolling Cart with drawers and cabinets / Sublimation Printer / More about Sublimation Supplies and Blanks

Blank T-Shirt Storage

t-shirt blank storage hack

I have accumulated a ton of blank t-shirts over the years. When I need to make a last minute shirt, I love having them organized by size. I can see all of the colors and brands easily with them hanging – just like a closet.  Here are my favorite t-shirt blank brands and styles

dreambox craft storage layout ideas

Hide-Away Organization with DreamBox

Right below my craft room is another space I use for craft storage.  My DreamBox stores all of my smaller supplies – everything from glitter to scrapbook paper to vinyl. I also keep my Maker 3 in my DreamBox.  My daughters can pull up a chair and work on school projects with easy access to everything they need including the hot glue gun, styrofoam balls, construction paper, and more.

dreambox closed view

I hope seeing how I organize my space gives you some ideas for your own craft room.  If you have any craft organization hacks or ideas, share them in the comments!


  1. Hey there! I’m curious what you did for your Custom Ink Shelf DIY. I have a lot of ink and I need a better way to organize it. I love what it looks like and just wanted to see what you used to make it and dimensions. Thank you for sharing your craft room. It beautiful. This has helped me a lot:)

    • I don’t have a tutorial for this one (I mostly just used materials I had around!). It’s a really simple frame that’s 3.5” deep. I added the shelves that were the same width and a backing board for more support. It’s the perfect depth for the jars that I use!


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