5 Photo Gifts You Can Make with a Sublimation Printer

Nov 19, 2022 | Gift Ideas, Sublimation

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Ready or not, Christmas is right around the corner.

Do you have that one person who you never know what to give? Are you looking for something different and unique to give as a gift this year? Custom photo gifts are a great option and they are really easy to make with a sublimation printer.

I don’t know about you, but this time of year is family picture time for me and my family. You know who loves these family pictures? Grandparents, that’s who. They love them in print and online. They also love them custom printed on gifts like magnets and mugs.

I love screen printing but you just can’t make custom photo gifts with screen printing. The vibrant colors and fine details in photos require a sublimation printer. I use a Sawgrass sublimation printer for all my sublimation projects and I love it.

In this article I will share 5 custom photo gift ideas that are super easy to make. One thing to remember when doing your sublimation projects is you must use a true sublimation blank because you can’t do sublimation on just any surface.

sublimation gift ideas family photos

My friends at Pro World have all the blank gift ideas you could ever want and they even provide the time and temperature for applying on each of the blanks right on their website. This makes it easy to get the perfect result every time.

If you’re ready to start making your own custom photo gifts, here are my top 5 sublimation blanks for gifting from Pro World:

Sublimation Magnets

photo magnets sublimation diy

These aluminum magnets sublimate photos beautifully and look amazing on your refrigerator.

Pro Tip: These magnets have a clear film that you need to remove before pressing. It’s hard to see but peel from a corner to remove.

Link to Purchase Blanks: 3.5″ Aluminum Sublimation Magnets

Sublimation Puzzles

photo puzzle diy sublimation printer

Give the gift of relaxation. Puzzles are a great way to destress and challenge your mind. Imagine the smile you’ll put on their face when they finish a puzzle to discover an adorable photo of the grandkids. This 99 piece sublimation blank puzzle is a great size for all ages.

Pro Tip: There is not a film on this blank. Be sure to follow the instructions on Pro World – this blank requires a pre-press.

Link to Purchase Blanks: 99 piece 8×10″ Sublimation Puzzle Blank

Sublimation Keychains

photo sublimation keychain gift idea

Acrylic keychains are a popular item to personalize. With sublimation and a photo, you can make a unique keychain that is durable and adorable.

Pro Tip: Do not mirror your photo for this blank. I didn’t believe it at first but the image is printed on the back and visible through the acrylic.

Link to Purchase Blanks: Acrylic Sublimation Keychains

Hinge Photo Gift

photo sublimation gift idea

This sublimation blank really wowed me. The photos sublimated beautifully. Once you’ve sublimated the individual panels, assemble the hinge and you have a self-standing photo display.

Link to Purchase Blanks: 5×7″ Hinge Pair Photo Panel

DIY Photo Mugs

transpro mug press review photo mug

Coffee lovers will enjoy their morning brew in a personalized photo mug. For just over $2 each, these sublimation mugs from Pro World are so affordable that you’ll want to make one for every coffee drinker on your list.

Link to Purchase Blanks: White 11oz. Sublimation Mugs – 36 count

make photo mug sublimation

There you have it. 5 simple custom photo gifts you can make for all of your friends and family.

Watch me Make these Items in my YouTube Video

Sublimation printing is an easy and affordable way to make all kinds of neat projects. You can get started making all of these gifts with my Sublimation Bundles at Pro World.

For additional information about getting started with sublimation, check out this page where I go into detail about the sublimation process and equipment I use. If you are looking for a comprehensive course all about sublimation, check out this sublimation course from my friend Angie.

I hope you have as much fun gifting these items as you will making them!

Happy Crafting!

sublimation gift ideas photos family


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