How to order Supacolor ready-to-press heat transfers from Pro World

Aug 18, 2022 | Business Tips for Crafters, Supacolor Heat Transfers, Tutorials

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You know I am crazy about screen printing. I love it more than any other type of crafting.

Even so, there are times when I still use other methods. One method I have been using more often lately is the ready-to-press heat transfers from Supacolor.

Not only are these heat transfers great for full color designs that would be challenging to screen print, they are a great way to get started building a t-shirt business if you don’t have time for screen printing.

They are so easy to use. All you need is a good heat press.

While the Supacolor ready-to-press heat transfers are super easy to use, if you are new to ordering transfers, this process can be confusing. I made this video to help walk you through the process of ordering transfers step-by-step:

How to Order Supacolor Heat Transfers from Pro World

Why Order Supacolor Transfers from Pro World?

I prefer to use Pro World because their ordering process is superior to other websites out there.

Before I show you exactly how to order your Supacolor ready-to-press heat transfers from Pro World, let me share a few more reasons I like this site so much.

They have so many great design templates to use.

If you struggle with Illustrator or Design Space, Pro World is just what you need. They have over 3,000 design templates to use for schools, clubs, organizations, and more. I like using these templates for inspiration when I’m stuck and can't come up with my own artwork idea.

It is easy to swap out elements of these designs and/or change any color or text to customize it just for your project. Even if you’re not creative at all, Pro World has thousands of clipart designs you can use to enhance a template or add to your current uploaded design.

When you’re done making your design, Pro World’s customer service team reviews and confirms the artwork to make sure you will get the perfect print. They moderate each order in great detail to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Their “My Custom Products” tab shows all the previous jobs you ordered (even jobs you saved but didn't order). This allows you to save a design and show your customer. Once they are ready to order, you can retrieve their saved design with one click.

Another great feature is the PW Reward program. You can earn points on every purchase ($1 = 1 point) and you can redeem those points as cash on future orders.

Finally, for customers that want to get started but don't have a heat press Pro World just created a unique Heat Press + Supacolor starter package here. This deal includes their most popular heat press (MP998) and 2 $50 Supacolor coupons.

If you’re ready to check out Pro World today, watch this YouTube video I made to show you exactly how to place your order on their website.

Happy Crafting!


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