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Feb 10, 2022 | Business Tips for Crafters, Custom Projects, Tutorials, Valentines

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full color vinyl shirt process

Have you ever gotten a request from someone wanting a full color design printed on their shirt? 

I love making shirts for my friends and family, but man sometimes these people really overestimate my abilities with their crazy design requests!

Screen printing a full color design can be extremely hard and sometimes impossible with my basic at-home screen printing setup. I like to think of myself an expert screen printer, but some designs are just too tough to screen print. 

Luckily, I have found a solution that allows me to make these full color design requests fast and easy.

Supacolor makes high-quality heat transfers. Using a heat transfer is simple.  All you need is a heat press!

heat transfer supacolor how to

Ordering Supacolor Heat Transfer Sheets

  1. Create your own custom artwork and save it as a PDF (.psd, .tiff, .eps, .png, .jpg formats also accepted)
  2. Visit Supacolor to place your order.
  3. Choose the transfer that works best for the fabric you want to print on. I used Wearable Custom Heat Transfers for my cotton/poly blend shirts. They also have options for headwear and those tricky polyester or sublimated garments. 
  4. Select the smallest size category that your design fits in.
  5. Choose your quantity and place your order.

Supacolor will check your artwork and let you know if there are any issues with the files you uploaded. This attention to detail means you'll get a high quality transfer.

The delivery time was SUPAfast! If you need to turnaround an order quickly, this is a company you can count on for quick production and shipping.

How to use Supacolor Heat Transfers

Supacolor makes it very simple to apply their transfers.  Each order includes a QR code that will give you simple step-by-step instructions. For the Wearable transfers, here is the process I followed:

supacolor heat press instructions

Set Temperature and Time

The Wearable line of transfers on cotton or blend shirts should be pressed at 320F for 12-15 seconds.

Load the Shirt on Your Press

If your press allows, slide the shirt on the platen so only one layer is on top. If this doesn't work on your press, you can place the entire shirt on top of the press.

heat transfer supacolor how to

Pre-Press: 5-8 Seconds

Pre-pressing your garment releases any moisture and makes your transfer apply easily.

Align Supacolor Transfer on Shirt

Place the transfer in the spot you want it to apply to on the shirt.

Press 12-15 Seconds and Peel Immediately 

These transfers are “hot peel” – meaning you should remove the carrier sheet immediately.  If your transfer doesn't release from the sheet, try pressing one more time. 

Post-Press: 2-4 Seconds

Use a teflon sheet or parchment on top of your design and press for 2-4 seconds.  This will help seal the edges of the Supacolor to your garment for long-lasting results.

supacolor full color heat press transfers

Screen Printing vs. Supacolor Transfers

I am and always will be a screen printer at heart. But I’m also a realist. These heat transfers are excellent for those elaborate design requests that I can't screen print.

They are also great for making sure your projects are cost effective. Business owners must always be aware of their costs. As crafters, our main costs are materials and time. 

While the heat transfers may be slightly more expensive than screen printing ink, you will save a ton of time.  Plus, you'll have less chance of mistakes. 

For a full color design, I save time and frustration by using Supacolor.

Want to give Supacolor a try?

You can request a free sample here.  Once you've tested the process, you'll be ready to place your first custom order. 

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Keep reading below for answers to frequently asked questions about Supacolor transfers.

heat transfer prints full color quality supacolor 

Do I need a Cricut or Silhouette to use these transfers?

Nope!  This process does not require a vinyl cutter.

What experience do I need to have to make shirts with Supacolor?

You need to know how to operate a heat press! It's just that simple.  It's also helpful to know how to create and upload your artwork to a website. 

How does Supacolor hold up in the wash?

Supacolor transfers are made to last! They have been tested to hold up to 50 washes and still look great. Supacolor transfers are high-quality transfers that will give you professional results you can be proud of. 

How are Supacolor transfers different from HTV?

No weeding!!  With Supacolor transfers you get a full color design that is smooth (not layered like HTV).  These printed transfers will save you tons of time weeding the same design over and over – perfect for those large orders.

Is there a minimum quantity required with Supacolor orders?

Yes, the minimum order is 10 transfers. I recommend Supacolor heat transfers when you have a large, full color order. The price per sheet is lower the more you order. 

Can I put Supacolor transfers on items other than shirts?

Of course! Supacolor works on hats, bags, and any surface that can withstand the heat of your heat press.



  1. I only have the Cricut easy press 2. Will these still work with that?

    • Megan, yes it will since the Cricut EP goes to 400 degrees.

  2. Thanks so much for the link to receive a free sample…just ordered them. I love screen printing, but it’s nice to have an alternative when a design is too intricate.


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