How to Leverage the Allmade Mission in Your Business

Jan 26, 2022 | Business Tips for Crafters

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This post is sponsored by Allmade® but written by me based on my honest opinions of the brand.

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If you know me, you know I love my t-shirts. As a screen printer, I have tried many brands of shirts. When I discovered the Allmade brand a few years ago, I was not only impressed by the soft feel of the shirts but also the amazing story behind them.

Allmade is more than a great blank garment manufacturer. They are a company with a mission to put the needs of people and the planet first.

How it all started

Allmade started in 2017 when it’s 10 founders traveled to Haiti together and experienced first-hand the economic and environmental challenges experienced by garment workers.

On this trip, these founders realized they could make a positive impact by “creating dignified fair wage jobs that empower the proud people of Haiti to take care of themselves and their families.” They “returned wholly committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and child abandonment in Haiti, while reducing our industry’s impact on the environment.”

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Consumers Love Brands with Purpose

Consumers want to engage with businesses that provide quality products, an authentic experience, and demonstrate core values and beliefs aligned with their personal values and beliefs.

For many consumers, it is more important than ever to buy from companies that reflect their values. When they find a deeper personal connection to a company, they are willing to pay more for their products and will remain loyal to that company for the long haul.

If you are running a purpose driven company, Allmade might be the partner you are looking for. By choosing Allmade t-shirts or hoodies for your orders, you can share the story of how the garment was made…from the ethical factories all the way to your handcrafted screen print.

Here are some facts about Allmade shirts that you can share with your customers:

Environmental impact

With each Allmade t-shirt:

  • You help prevent an equivalent of up to 6 recycled plastic bottles from going into the ocean, keeping oceans clean, and fish healthy.
  • Less water is used throughout the production process (compared to conventional tees), so there’s more H2O left for living things.
  • A unique blend of fibers is used that help reduce the carbon footprint of each shirt.

Learn more and calculate your t-shirt impact here.

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Human impact

“Allmade® t-shirts are manufactured sustainably in ethical factories, building better jobs and communities around them.”

If you ever want to know where your Allmade garment was made, just scan the QR code on the back of the care label.  This will take you to the factory page so you can learn more about the people who made your shirt!

Imagine sharing this feature with your customers when you deliver their order!  

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When you are looking for a unique way to stand out to your customers, consider using the Allmade story in your marketing.  By sharing a story behind each garment you sell, you have the opportunity to sell your products for a higher price and you gain loyalty among customers who support the mission.  

It's WIN-WIN-WIN for your business, the environment and the factory workers making your garments!

Allmade products include: Unisex Short Sleeve Tees | Unisex Long Sleeve Tees | Unisex French Terry | Women's Tees | Youth Tees

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