My DreamBox + Cricut Craft Room Reveal

Dec 16, 2021 | Craft Room, Cricut Projects, Vinyl Projects

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I love organizing my craft supplies almost as much as I love using them.  Being organized helps me be successful at the job I love.

Just a few weeks ago, I gave you a tour of my new craft room and wrote about keeping your craft space inspiring, functional, efficient, and organized. Today, I get to show you my new DreamBox and Cricut Maker space.

The Transformation

When we moved into this house, I made this small area a space where my girls could get creative. We called it the art room. Here, they had their own space to work on craft projects, display their artwork, and even color on the walls (dry erase panels).

Since I work in my craft room full time, it was great for the girls to have a space where they could make slime, paint, and make a mess without stressing me out in the process.

kids art room organization before

Lucky for me, my girls like to craft as much as I do. Now that they are older, it was time to update this space to make it a more functional craft area where we could work on science projects, make gifts, and complete craft projects together.

Meet the DreamBox from CreateRoom

The DreamBox truly is a dream for creatives. All of your Cricut machines, sewing machines, and every little supply that goes with them will fit in this organizer.

createroom dreambox layout idea cricut

The Most Efficient Organizing Furniture For Crafters

Look at how much stuff you can fit in a DreamBox!  I started by bringing all of my supplies into the room. Everything from my Cricut Maker 3 to rolls of vinyl to glue to pom poms needed to fit. And it did!

Take look at the before and after:

before after dreambox reveal cricut

Perfect for Small Spaces

One of the challenges for me in this room was that it isn’t very big.. and I had a LOT of supplies to fit.  The DreamBox is so efficiently designed that not only did I fit all of my supplies in the various drawers and shelves, but I even have room to pull out the table and craft!

This area is only 7.5 ft wide by 8.5 ft deep.  The width of the room is a little too small to extend the doors all the way open but the DreamBox is designed so that you can angle the doors making it possible to open them in almost any space.

I will likely leave my DreamBox open all of the time because I love looking at all of my supplies!  But, if you are crafting in your living room or bedroom, the amazing part about this piece is that you can close it up and hide all of your craft supplies!  No more looking at a messy desk!  Just close the doors and it’s all hidden away!

dreambox size small space fit

create room arrival dream box

DreamBox Delivery Day

The delivery process was so smooth.  I received a phone call the day before my scheduled delivery to coordinate the timing.  The delivery driver was very accommodating, making sure he arrived on time and left the massive box exactly where I asked!

Then the exciting part started.  Unboxing the crate and moving it inside!

I chose the pre-assembled option and I highly recommend it. The box came in 3 pieces – the middle and 2 sides. With a few screws on each side, it was in one piece in a matter of minutes. So easy!

craft room organization ideas cricut vinyl storage

Completely Customizable Craft Organizing

The DreamBox can be customized to fit EVERY crafter.  You can adjust the shelves and drawers to fit your needs. It’s likely that no 2 crafters will have the same setup.

To help you get started planning out your DreamBox organization, download the DreamBox Planner Workbook.  This includes a blank layout that you can write on.

pigskins pigtails dreambox layout

I started by deciding where I would put my larger items – Cricut Maker 3, Easy Press 2, sewing machine, Cricut Joy.  I wanted my Cricut tools to be easily accessible since I use them daily.

My sewing machine and laminator are tucked under the table since they are not used as often.

organizing craft supplies dreambox

Flexible Shelving

You’ll notice all of the pre-drilled holes inside the DreamBox. This allows you to add and adjust shelves with tremendous flexibility.

I added one of the larger shelves right under the top section to slide my Cricut BrightPad and ruler. This leaves my top surface free and these tools easy to grab when I need them.

I did the same under my Cricut Easy Press 2, adding a smaller shelf to store my heat pad.

Being able to adjust the height of shelves means no wasted space!

easy press cricut organization craft room

InView Totes Upgrade

I love how the InView totes slide into the DreamBox. The clear boxes make it easy to see your supplies and know exactly where everything is.  Talk about efficiency during craft projects!

The InView totes hold 12 rolls of the small Cricut Infusible Ink rolls, 12 rolls of Cricut Joy vinyl, or several 12″ vinyl rolls.

Smart Vinyl doesn’t fit in the totes but it organizes nicely in the doors.

vinyl storage idea organization cricut

Watch as I explain how everything fits

Labeling Your DreamBox with Cricut Smart Vinyl

Once I had everything organized, it was time to add vinyl labels to the InView totes.  I just can’t resist this extra organizational touch.

These labels mean everything has a place. This will help keep my supplies organized and easy to find.

I used my Cricut Maker 3 and mat-less cutting option to cut all of the labels in one long sheet.

organize cricut vinyl infusible ink storage ideas

I couldn’t be more excited about my newly organized craft space. This DreamBox and all of the Cricut tools will give our whole family a special space to get creative!

dreambox reveal cricut organization craft supplies


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