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Nov 19, 2021 | Business Tips for Crafters, Cricut Projects, Organization, Screen Printing Press, Sublimation, Vinyl Projects

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Dreaming of a Craft Room Upgrade?

As a crafter, I'm sure you know the struggle of finding a clear space to start your next project. Or stopping mid-project to search for your scissors.  Crafting and messes just go hand-in-hand.

I have made my share of messes. Remember when I stepped in wet screen printing ink and tracked it all over my craft room carpet? After that, I knew it was time to make some updates to my space… not only the flooring but it was time to reorganize all of the supplies and scrap vinyl that were piling up.

I spend more time in my craft room than just about anywhere else, so I put a lot of thought into my layout, furniture choices and storage solutions.

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The Anatomy of a Well Designed Craft Room

As creative makers, we all need a space that inspires us to dream up our next big idea. For me, this starts with a functional, efficient, and organized room.

Here’s how I designed my craft room to do these things for me.


Nothing gets me more inspired to work on my next project than looking around my room full of colorful ink jars and well stocked supplies.

Seeing the jars of my mixed ink colors on display or looking through my blank t-shirt rack will often give me an idea for my next project.

Your inspiration might come from beautiful artwork on your walls or neatly organized blanks.

Whatever it is that gets you inspired to create, fill your room with more of that!  

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My craft room is full of different types of equipment. To keep my projects flowing, everything has its own dedicated space.

My screen printing presses are each mounted to a rolling cart, making it easy to move them away from the wall when I'm ready to use them.

I like to have each piece of equipment plugged in and ready to use. My most used equipment, like my Cricut, heat presses, and printers, stay plugged in on top of drawer units. This gives me extra space to store supplies in the drawers below.

screen printing studio setup ideas press

My Cricut BrightPad and EasyPresses stay plugged in to my rolling cart.  This cart saves space while still giving me easy access to the equipment when needed.

This setup is very functional for me – allowing me to work through an entire project with all of my tools and equipment ready to go.

If your space isn't quite large enough for all of your equipment, start by giving table space to your most used pieces. Pack away those tools that you don't use as often or store them in rolling carts.

cricut organization easy press rolling cart


I love finding ways to be more efficient with my workflow.  Efficiency for me means grouping my supplies by how I use them.

I store my screen printing ink right next to my screen printing press which is right next to my squeegees. This makes my screen printing process flow nicely. No running around the room trying to gather all of my supplies when I need to make a quick shirt!

My Cricut area is efficiently setup as well.  I use a pegboard to keep my mats and Cricut tools within reach of my Maker.

cricut craft room organization peg board storage


The organization of my craft space is always evolving.  Before my recent update, I had craft supplies scattered between various closets, drawers and containers.

Every time I started a new project, I would head to the craft store to stock up on supplies that I likely already had in a container somewhere!  There's no telling how much this disorganization was costing me. But, I have finally found the most amazing solution for organizing ALL of my craft supplies.

The DreamBox by Create Room

dream box create room setup inspiration cricut

DreamBox by CreateRoom is exactly what every Cricut crafter needs.

Whether you are crafting in the corner of your living room and you need a collapsible workspace or just need storage where you can see all of your supplies, the DreamBox has you covered.

I absolutely love this storage solution because it allows you to create your own unique layout inside the box to fit your specific needs. You can arrange the shelves and drawers so there is no wasted space.

Because it is so highly customizable, you will be amazed at how much you can fit in the DreamBox. Talk about an efficient use of space!

If you want to get organized for the new year, you don't want to miss this:

CreateRoom is having their biggest sale of the year offering 15% off EVERYTHING… including the DreamBox and all of their organizing solutions.

Shop the DreamBox Sale Now and use code PIGSKINSANDPIGTAILSMASSIVEJOY to save!

Shop My Craft Room

studio craft room organization setup ideas

You will find most of my craft room favorites in my Amazon storefront.

My Craft Room Furniture

Desks: Sit-Stand Table (located in middle of the room) and Desk with storage drawers

Chairs: Rolling Office Chair / Rolling Stool

Screen Printing Carts: Wooden Screen Printing Cart for my 1-color presses / Metal Rolling Cart for my 4-color press

Rolling Carts: Lexington Rolling Cart with Topper

Shop My Storage and Display Pieces


Wall Storage: Peg BoardInk Jar Shelves / Clear Shelves / Ink Jar Containers / Tilt Storage Containers / Sticker Ledges

My Screen Printing Equipment

1-Color Presses: Economy 1-Color Press / Riley Hopkins 150 Screen Printing Press

Not sure which press is right for you? Check out my comparison of the economy Amazon press vs. Ryonet's Riley Hopkins 150 press.

4-Color Press: I currently have an Economy 4-Color Press but highly recommend comparing it to the Riley Hopkins 150 4-color.

Heat Presses, Cricut Favorites, and More

For links to all of the rest of the supplies you see in my craft room, check out my Amazon storefront.

heat press favorite crafter cricut siser

Not only is this space used for my crafting, it's also my office space.  I have developed products and launched some exciting projects from this room in our home. 

This is my happy place. I hope this article will inspire you to create your own happy place too.

It doesn’t matter if your crafting is a business like mine, a side hustle, or just a hobby, optimizing your craft room is well worth it. 

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  1. I am soooo jealous! It looks fantastic! Do you mind sharing what you have in the drawers? I was thinking of getting that cabinet myself, actually I have one already that I really like. Just wanted to see you organization to see if it gives me some ideas.

  2. Hello,
    love your space. Is the cubby hole bookcase form ikea??? the one with all the paint stored on it.

  3. Hello , i adore your craft room set up it is very inspiring. I have a question what is under you Cricut maker on top of the pull out drawers? Is it a rolling/sliding top to give you more space behind the machine, when doing projects?

  4. What is on top of your rolling cart topper? Is it a pad?

    • That’s my Cricut BrightPad. It fits perfectly on this cart!


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