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Mar 5, 2021 | Cricut Projects, Vinyl Projects

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Meet the Cricut Mug Press

Have you heard the exciting news about Cricut‘s newest product? 

The Cricut Mug Press is a new way to create DIY and personalized mugs that last a lifetime.

Cricut Mug Press makes it easy to make custom mugs using design cut on your Cricut Maker, Cricut Air2 or Cricut Joy.

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Cricut Infusible Ink Mugs

The Cricut Mug Press is optimized to work perfectly with Cricut brand mugs.

The Mug press is designed to fit a wide range of straight-walled Infusible Ink mugs ranging from 11 oz to 16 oz without any need to adjust your Mug Press.

cricut maker mug press instructions

Using the Cricut Mug Press

The Cricut Mug Press works with all of the Cricut Infusible Ink sheets and Infusible Ink markers. You can cut or draw your design using your Cricut Maker, Cricut Air2 or Cricut Joy.

The Infusible Ink sheets (4.5in x 12in) are ideal to use for mugs because they are sized to avoid excess waste.

Step 1: Design Your Mug in Design Space

Using Cricut's new Design Space templates for mugs makes it easy to line up your design perfectly each time. Open the template and place your design elements within the template border. 

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Step 2: Cut Your Design on Infusible Ink

Once your design is ready, it's time to cut it on your Infusible Ink sheet (or draw on paper with Infusible Ink Markers).

Don't forget to mirror your design. When you transfer it to your mug it will be flipped so it's important that you choose the “mirror” option when cutting.

This is also a great time to power on your Mug Press so it can start to warm up.

infusible ink mug blank cricut

Step 3: Weed Your Design

After your design has been cut, slowly weed the sheet leaving the area of the design that you want to apply to the mug.

There are 2 ways you can weed the design.  You can remove the background, like I did, leaving the green clovers.

You can also reverse the weeding and remove the individual clovers.  This would have given me a green background and the clovers would have been white (the mug color). 

Step 4: Align Your Design on the Mug

First, use a lint roller and make sure your mug surface is completely clean – free of any fibers.

Wrap the transfer sheet around your mug until it is lined up perfectly.  I used heat resistant tape to make sure the sheet was secured well to my mug.

cricut mug press how to instructions

Step 5: Place the Mug in the Mug Press

Lift the lever of your Cricut Mug Press and place the mug inside.  Slowly close the lever – ensuring your handle is centered in the opening.  Double check that your design is completely inside the press. 

The Cricut Mug Press does the rest of the work! 

There are no buttons to press or settings to adjust.  Once you close the lever, your Mug Press will work until it's ready.

cricut mug press tutorial

Step 6: Remove the Mug from your Mug Press

Once the press is finished (about 6 minutes), you will hear a beep. Lift the lever to open the press and remove the mug.

The handle is not hot to the touch, but the rest of your mug will be very hot. 

I like to place my hot mug on the Cricut Easy Press Mat to cool. 

cricut diy mug personalized

Step 7: Remove the transfer sheet

Once your mug has cooled completely, it's time to reveal your design! Peel back the clear transfer sheet and you will see your permanent design on your mug. 

It's that simple!

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Create Personalized Gifts with the Cricut Mug Press

I love gifting personalized items.  There are so many creative options with the new Cricut Mug Press.

Here are a few ideas for gifting personalized mugs:

  • Teacher gifts – add their name, grade level or subject
  • Mother's Day or Father's Day gifts – have your kids draw with Infusible ink markers to create a unique mug for mom, dad or grandparents!
  • Birthday gifts – gift your friends or co-workers a mug with a funny saying
  • Mug gift basket – Screen print a matching shirt to go inside your mug or fill it with a lotto ticket and candy!

diy gift idea cricut mug press

The Cricut Mug Press will be available on Cricut and in retailers starting March 11, 2021.


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