Screen Printing Glitter Stickers with ORACAL 851 Sparkling Glitter Metallic Vinyl

Feb 11, 2021 | Cricut Projects, Project Ideas, Screen Printing, Vinyl Projects

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screen printing stickers cricut vinylI'm excited to introduced ORACAL's newest vinyl line – ORACAL 851 Sparkling Glitter Metallic Vinyl. This glitter adhesive vinyl is perfect for all of your craft projects.  It's even durable enough to use on water bottles or car decals. 

I've shared about how I love ORACAL 651 for my screen printing because it holds up well on the screen even when it's covered in ink.  This same great quality is now in their 851 line.

Today, I want to share how to make your own stickers (no printer needed). 

screen printing cricut oracal 651

Screen Printing with Vinyl

If you are new to screen printing with vinyl, be sure to check out my beginner's page for tips on getting started.

I use ORACAL 651 and my Cricut Maker to cut my designs.  For this project, I wanted to print sheets of stickers to make them in bulk.  I setup my design to cut 12-15 of the same design in an 8.5″x11″ space (the size of my sticker sheet).  You could mix things up and cut different designs on the same sheet too. 

After my design is cut and weeded, I transfer the ORACAL 651 to the back of my Speedball screen printing frame. I am using the Speedball hinge frame to make lining up my screen much easier. 

screen printing on sticker paper speedball

Screen Printing Stickers

Place a piece of printable sticker vinyl under your screen. I’m using ORAJET 1917 printable sticker vinyl. (It’s designed for use in both screen printing and at home desktop inkjet printers)

Squeegee your ink over the screen and lift to reveal your printed design.  I have found that one coat of ink is all you need when printing on the ORAJET 1917.  If you use too much ink, you’ll find that it can bleed under the vinyl.

sticker making cricut silhouette how to

You can repeat this process to make as many sticker sheets as you need. When you are done, remove the vinyl from the back of the screen and wash the screen. 

Allow your printed stickers to air dry for at least an hour. 

glitter stickers with cricut oracal 851

Adding Glitter Vinyl on Top of Printed Stickers

Once my screen printed stickers are dry, they have a matte finish.  You could apply a clear matte vinyl on top if you like the matte effect. (ORAGUARD 210M or 236M work great!)

I am transforming my matte stickers into glossy, glitter stickers by adding ORACAL 851 Crystal Clear Sparkle vinyl on top. 

By applying ORACAL 851 Crystal Clear Sparkle on top of my printable vinyl sheets, it not only adds a glitter effect, but it also makes my sticker waterproof.  This durable vinyl on top will allow you to put the stickers on water bottles and they will hold up when washed. 

sticker glitter effect waterproof coat oracal 851

Watch the Entire Process

Cutting Sticker Sheets to Size

After adding the ORACAL 851 Crystal Clear Sparkle to my sticker vinyl, they are ready to be cut to size.  You can cut your stickers by hand or use a paper cutter.  This X-acto paper trimmer is one of my favorite tools for cutting straight lines.

glitter sticker tutorial cricut screen printed

Making Glitter Decals

You can also personalize your water bottle by cutting designs directly on the ORACAL 851 vinyls.  I used the Frosted Lagoon Sparkle to cut my name.

To cut decals on your Cricut, size your design and choose Make It.  I used the “Premium Vinyl – Frosted Glitter” setting in Design Space to cut ORACAL 851.

cricut sticker water bottle laminate vinyl clear glitter


  1. Jennifer,

    Such a cute project and love the glittery shine. Do you load your screen prior to printing your project?

    • Thanks! Yes, doing a flood stroke can help make sure you get a nice even coat of ink! It will also keep your ink from drying in the screen between prints.

  2. Hi Jennifer!
    What cut setting did you use on your Cricut to cut through the Oracal 851 glitter vinyl? Thanks!


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