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Jan 27, 2021 | Cricut Projects, Organization, Screen Printing Press

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Welcome to my craft room! 

I have spent this month getting organized and making some improvements in my creative space.  I'm excited to share the details with you today.

My craft room is my happy place!  It's where I spend my days blogging and creating videos to share on Instagram and YouTube.  This space really inspires me to get creative.

It is also the space that gets messy with projects stacked everywhere.  I spread out screen printed boxes all over the floor to dry.

craft room studio tour pigskinsandpigtails

As much as I love spread out the next projects, I also love to have an organized space.  It definitely doesn't stay this neat all of the time, but it is nice to reset after a big project and get things back in order.  Let me take you through each area of my room and I will share more details about the products and tools I'm using.

Screen Printing Press Stand

When you purchase a screen printing press, you need a place to mount it.  The legs need to be bolted down to your table.  I found that this kitchen cart from IKEA holds my screen printing press perfectly.  Plus, you can store all of your 10×14 frames on the shelves below. 

I recently purchased a 4-color press and got a second cart from IKEA. These carts have wheels on the back – making it easy to pull the cart away from the wall so my frames will spin around the press without hitting the wall.

craft room screen printing press organization


Desk: Alex Drawers from IKEA with a table top

Center Table: Adjustable Height Desk from IKEA

Chair: from IKEA (no longer available)

Stool: White Stool from Amazon

Wall Shelves: Picture Ledge Wall Shelves from IKEA

craft room tour storage organization creative space ideas

Photography Lighting

While I have a good amount of natural light in my space, I have found that these Neewer lights make a big difference in taking high quality product photos and flat lays.  I point these 2 softboxes down at my table and take the photos from above.

craft supply storage organization tour speedball

What's In My Rolling Cart?

I love rolling carts – I have 3 of them in my craft room!  It's a great way to have all of your supplies close to you when you're working, then pushed out of the way when you aren't.  In my screen printing rolling cart, I keep all of my squeegees, transfer tape, painter's tape, mixing spoons, Super Tack, baby wipes (for easy clean up), screen rolling tool, VLR vinyl remover, scissors, and my screen rolling tool.

cricut easy press storage organization craft cart

I use my other rolling cart to store my Cricut Easy Press machines.  With the Lexington cart topper added, I can keep my Cricut BrightPad on top.

I added a power strip to the side of my cart using zip ties.  I plug all of the machines in this, leaving just one cord that needs to be plugged into the wall. 

cricut organization storage pegboard craft supplies

Peg Board and Cricut Storage

I added 2 peg boards to my wall to organize my Cricut tools and mats.  The peg boards and accessories are from IKEA.

Under the peg boards, I have 2 Alex drawers from IKEA.  These drawers hold my scrap vinyl pieces and extra supplies.  My drawers got a little heavy so I replaced the regular wheels with a heavy duty wheel mounted to a piece of plywood.  This makes it a little easier to move the drawers on carpet.

Next to my Cricut I cut my vinyl rolls into smaller pieces to fit on my Cricut mats.  This 15″ paper trimmer is a great investment if you want to save money buying your vinyl in larger rolls and cutting it down to size.

cricut 24 in mat hits wall diy shelf sliding storage

Sliding Cricut Away from the Wall to Cut with Larger Mat

Once I setup my Cricut on the Alex drawers, I realized I was going to have trouble cutting with the larger 12×24″ Cricut mats.  The machine was too close to the wall.  I added a shelf on top of sliding rails to be able to pull my machine away from the wall when it's cutting.  Here's a tutorial on how to create this sliding shelf:

T-shirt Blank Storage

I may have a bit of a hoarding problem when it comes to stocking up on blank t-shirts.  I order a lot of blanks!  You know I love my screen printing, so I always need a blank shirt on hand from my next project! 

To store my blank shirts, I hung a closet clothing rod along my wall.  I love that it has a shelf on top to store extra blank hats and smaller size shirts.
heat press tshirt storage craft room
This is also the area of my craft room where I keep my heat press and Siser heat press.

tshirt storage organization craft room heat press

I hope that seeing how I organize my craft supplies has inspired you to organize your own space. Now it's time to get back to crafting and make a mess again!!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your space. It’s very inspiring! How do you bolt your screen press to the table? Mine doesn’t have way to secure it.

    • Yes, I used screws (not included) to bolt it to the table. Mine has a few holes in the base to mount.

  2. Wow! What an incredible inspiration! Thank you for always taking the time to show us how you do it! Because of your tutorials, I was able to screen print all kinds of items for my large family reunion! It made the event extra special!

    • I appreciate that! I love to hear that screen printing came in handy for your family reunion! I bet everyone loved it!

  3. What is the square footage of this room? I’m looking to buy a building to use for craft and sewing room.

  4. Thanks for the tour. Love the tip to attach power strip to cart. I have 3 carts so this will be handy. Also like the sliding shelf for Cricut.

  5. What a beautiful craft room. Loving your blog and content thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to try screen printing. The Ebook was so detailed and easy to follow.

  6. hello, thank you for sharing your space and great storage solutions! Where did you get the hanging rod shelf that you use for your shirts? thank you!


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