Screen Printing Pumpkins with IKONART Custom Stencil Kit

Oct 12, 2020 | Halloween, Project Ideas, Screen Printing, Tutorials

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I'm on a mission to screen print ALL the things!  I couldn't let Halloween go by without trying to screen print on a pumpkin! 

The challenge with curved and uneven surfaces when it comes to screen printing is that you need to make even contact in order to get a clean print.  My typical screen printing method involves cutting vinyl on my Cricut and attaching it to my Speedball screen printing frame.

The problem is my screen printing frame won't sit evenly on the pumpkin.  This is where the IKONART stencil kit comes in really handy.  This kit is a difference process from screen printing with vinyl.

The IKONART stencil kit comes with everything you need to screen print your first project.  You don't even need a Cricut or Silhouette for this process.  Instead you will print your designs on the transparencies included in the kit.

Why Choose the IKONART Stencil Kit?

The IKONART custom stencil kit includes light-sensitive film that you expose using your own designs.  This means that you can screen print any design that you are able to print (in black ink) from your computer. Sooo many possibilities! 

If you have followed my screen printing projects, you have seen me use my Cricut to create designs for screen printing with vinyl.  So why do I love the IKONART kit

There are times when my Speedball frame won't work for a project…. like the time when I wanted to screen print a design on a chalk board and my Speedball frame wouldn't fit. This is when the IKONART kit comes in really handy. 

With the adhesive film, you can place IKONART stencils on a variety of surfaces… like a pumpkin! 

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Watch the IKONART kit in action

Supplies Needed to Screen Print on Pumpkins

Screen Printing on Pumpkins and Curved Surfaces

If you are just getting started with your IKONART kit, I suggest trying a t-shirt or flat surface first.

This project took a few tries to master. The great part about these stencils is they are permanent.  If your project doesn't work the first time, just wash it off and try again!

Here are a few tricks I learned when using the kit on pumpkins:

  • Make sure the adhesive film makes contact with the pumpkin…even in the groves.  Press the film into the groves first, then work your way out.  It's important that the film is completely stuck around the design before you add ink.
  • Use Speedball acrylic ink for a fast drying design that doesn't need to be heat set.
  • Use a small squeegee like this IKONART squeegee to help get the ink in all of the groves. 
  • Having trouble getting your stencil to stick to your surface?  Lightly mist the back of the stencil with water to activate the stickiness of the film.  Don't get it too wet though, otherwise your ink will bleed.

Decorating and Carving Faux Pumpkins

Did you know you can carve the faux pumpkins from Michaels?  Now you can pull out your jack-o-lanterns year after year. 

I cut the top of the pumpkin out using a pumpkin carving knife to make a treat container.  This would be perfect for your office or leaving out treats for tick-or-treaters this year.

It's time to get creative and decorate pumpkins.  What will you screen print on yours?

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