How to Screen Print with Vinyl on Clear Plastic Boxes | Wedding Favor DIY Macaron Boxes

Oct 5, 2020 | Cricut Projects, Project Ideas, Screen Printing, Vinyl Projects, Weddings

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Are you a DIY bride or party planner looking for a quick and easy way to add your monogram to your favor boxes? If you have a Cricut or Silhouette, you can quickly and easily personalize hundreds of clear plastic boxes or bags by screen printing them with vinyl.

This is a great way to save money by making your own personalized party favors.

screen printing clear plastic boxes cricut acrylic tutorial

Why Screen Print with Vinyl?

Screen printing is a great method for personalizing hundreds of favor boxes.  Using just 2 small pieces of vinyl, I was able to personalize 200 macaron boxes.  This process is perfect for a DIY bride or party planner who wants to save a little money and personalize their own favors.

Screen printing this many boxes will save you money compared to using adhesive vinyl on each box. Plus, it's so much faster.  Just weed the design once and you can make all of your prints. 

If you are new to screen printing, be sure to check out my digital course – “Intro to Screen Printing with Craft Vinyl” This course will teach you how to screen print using your Cricut or Silhouette machine.  The step-by-step video lessons will teach you how to screen printing t-shirts.  Once you have practiced with t-shirts, this same process can be used to print on boxes, koozies, napkins, and so much more.

screen printing with vinyl tutorial how to detail small acrylic ink speedball

SUPPLIES NEEDED for screen printing on clear plastic boxes

  personalizing wedding favor boxes diy cricut vinyl how to

How to Screen Print on Clear Plastic Boxes

The screen printing process is the same whether you are printing on t-shirts or clear boxes. After you have the hang of the screen printing process, you can easily print other items.

For items that are flat like these macaron boxes, I use a Speedball screen printing frame. This frame allows you to easily align hundreds of boxes under the vinyl design.

DIY wedding party favor boxes personalized bulk

You can see in this video how I use a 2×2 square paper to mark the position of the box.  Then, you just align the clear box on top of the paper guide and you have perfect alignment each time.

Tips for Screen Printing on Clear Plastic Boxes

  • To help you easily align multiple boxes under the vinyl design on your screen, use a piece of paper to mark the outline of your design. I line up this paper before adding ink and the painter's tape – that way you can see through the screen.
  • Don't use too much ink. These boxes won't absorb ink like a t-shirt.  I found that one squeegee of ink is all I needed to get a clean print.  Too much ink and you will have bleeding (ink going under your vinyl design).
  • Make sure you have enough room to air dry your boxes.  Speedball acrylic ink does not need to be heat set.  Just allow the boxes to lay flat to dry for a few hours.  I left mine overnight just to be sure.  Once they are dry, it's okay to stack them.

DIY screen printing boxes clear plastic favor macaron packaging cricut

Perfect Macaron Recipe

Looking for the best macaron recipe for your wedding or party?  Be sure to check out Artisanal Touch Kitchen's Perfect Macaron Recipe. Corey made 400 macarons for these boxes. The lemon and white chocolate flavor macarons were a huge hit and the perfect wedding favor!

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