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Aug 13, 2020 | Around the House, Cricut Projects, Project Ideas, Screen Printing, Tutorials, Vinyl Projects

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screen printing wood cricut tutorial how to

Our family has ordered a LOT of face masks in the last few months.  Everyone had their picky request.. nose piece, loops with adjusters, youth fit… it took a lot of trials to find one that everyone liked.  Now that we have huge supply of face masks, we needed a better way to organize them.

Here's a great, DIY way to organize clean masks for your family.  Paint a saying or design on a piece of wood and add L hooks for a DIY Face Mask Hanging Organizer.

I used my Cricut machine to cut the design on Oracal 651 vinyl.  Transfer the design to your Speedball screen and use acrylic ink to print the ink on your wood.

Adding these simple hooks to a piece of wood is a great way to keep your clean masks handy and organized by person.

screen printing wood sign with cricut silhouette vinyl

SUPPLIES NEEDED for screen printing on wood

screen printing wood bleeding off contact tip

Why Screen Print on Wood?

I have tried a lot of methods of painting wood signs.  I've used Oramask or vinyl on top of the wood as a stencil – which works great.  I have used iron-on vinyl to make signs – which is one of my favorite methods. I've also screen printed on wood signs.

So why choose the screen printing method?  Screen printing allows you to use the same screen to make multiple prints.

If you are an Etsy shop owner or you are making crafts for a craft fair, screen printing on wood is an economical way to make a bunch of signs with the same design.  You can get the hand painted look on each sign – all with just one piece of vinyl!

make face mask organizer hanger wood sign

Tips for Screen Printing on Wood

I shared a tutorial about screen printing on wood here.  The process is very similar to screen printing on paper or boxes.

Use Off-Contact

The first trick to avoid bleeding is to use off-contact.  This means that the screen is not touching the surface that you are going to screen print on.  It is lifted just slightly off the wood so that when I squeegee over the screen, it will touch the wood then come right back up.

I created just a little bit of space between the screen and the wood by putting 2 spare Speedball frames on either side of my wood.  You use anything around the house…. scrap wood or blocks… just something that is a little taller than the wood you are screen printing on.

Don't Use Too Much Ink

When you screen print on fabric, the fabric will absorb the ink.  With wood, the ink is going to sit on top of the surface.

This means that you can't press as much ink through.  It doesn't have anywhere to go – so it will squish out the sides of your design.

With acrylic ink on wood, I've found that one good squeegee of ink is all you need.  Going over it multiple times is just going to push too much ink through.

Mess Up?

If you mess up and don't get a great print, just wipe it off and try again!  Use a wet paper towel and immediately wipe the ink off.  You may need to add another coat of paint if it stains, but usually it comes right off.  Once the surface is dry, try again until you get the perfect print.

face mask hanging organizer tutorial speedball

Assembling Your Face Mask Hanging Organizer

Once the ink has dried on your painted sign, it's time to add the hooks.  I used a drill to start the hole.  Then, I screwed in the L Hooks.

On the back of the wood, I added a Sawtooth Hanger to make it easy to hang on our wall.

I'm not much of a carpenter and these 2 steps were really easy!   It's just that simple to create your own hanging mask organize to put by your door.  It's a great reminder each time we walk out to grab our mask!


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