How to Clean Your Speedball Screen Printing Frame

May 23, 2020 | Maintenance, Screen Printing

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After you have finished screen printing, it’s important to quickly clean your Speedball screen printing frame.  With proper maintenance, your screen printing frame can last for hundreds of projects!

Usually I clean my screen by washing it with warm water.  I’ve found that the sprayer attachment on my sink comes in very handy for cleaning screens.

Sometimes, I have an ink that stains the screen.  Even though I can see that the ink is gone, it leaves a ghosting effect.  This won’t effect future projects, but I’m a little OCD about getting it clean.  I’m excited to share a trick to getting a perfectly clean screen printing frame every time.

screen printing remove stain mesh clean

Screen Printing with Vinyl

I love screen printing with vinyl.  The quick and easy setup makes it possible to economically screen print small quantities of shirts.

Even though screen printing adds a few extra steps (like cleaning the screen), I still prefer this method over iron-on vinyl.  I’m just not crazy about the way iron-on vinyl feels on the shirt.  I’ve also found that screen printing ink holds up so much longer – making for a better quality shirt.

If you are interested in learning how to screen print with vinyl, start with my beginners’ screen printing page.  Once you’ve made your first project, it’s time to clean your screen.  Here are some tips to help you maintain your screen printing frame.

removing vinyl screen pritning tips

Remove the Vinyl from the Screen

As soon as you have finished printing all of your shirts, immediately remove the vinyl from the back of your screen.  I like to use a pallet knife to help remove the small pieces.

Be careful as you scrape and pull the vinyl off.  You don’t want to tear a hole in your screen!

Once you have finished peeling off the vinyl, it’s time to wash off your screen.  The quicker you can get to washing your screen, the less trouble you will have getting the ink off.

cleaning screen printing frame dry ink removed

Washing Your Speedball Screen Printing Frame

The first step is to wash the screen with warm water.  Usually, I can get almost all of the ink color off by spraying warm water over it.

If you have any ghosting or ink stains, Speedball Speed Clean works great for removing the color and restoring your frame like brand new!  Just squirt a small amount along the top of your frame.

Use a soft brush to scrub the solution.  I use a soft toothbrush.

Rinse your screen again with warm water.  TaDa!!  Speedball Speed Clean magically removes all of the ink and stains!

Where to Buy Speedball Speed Clean

You can purchase Speedball Speed Clean on Amazon.

screen printing ink stain screen
What Happens if My Screen Gets Loose?

After repeatedly adding and removing vinyl on your screen, you may lose some of the tension in your frame.

It’s important to keep your screen tight.  The tension helps your vinyl to stick to the screen.

If your screen gets lose, use a screen rolling tool to push the cording back into the frame. You may also need to replace the screen after a while.  Here are some tips on how to replace the screen on your Speedball frame.

Watch the Process of Removing Vinyl and Cleaning Your Screen


  1. Hi – Can you save the vinyl after you remove it from the screen and use it again at a later date?

  2. Is there an alternative for the speed clean?

  3. How long should I wait for the screen to dry before using it again for another project?

    • It usually dries pretty quickly… about 15-20 minutes. If you put it by a fan it will speed up the drying.

  4. I removed the mesh from my frame, now it is wrinkled. What is the best way to get the wrinkles out so the mesh is smooth when attached back to the frame? Thank you!


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