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Mar 11, 2020 | Cricut Projects, Screen Printing, Vinyl Projects

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cricut maker craft tool vinyl cutter review

When I was looking for a vinyl cutter, I compared several makes and models. All of them would cut adhesive vinyl, which is what I use for my screen printing projects, but I was drawn to the Cricut Maker for a few reason. I knew that the Maker’s ability to cut thick materials such as basswood, chipboard and fabrics would give me more possibilities with my vinyl cutter. Plus, with the QuickSwap tools, I knew that it would continue to grow in possibilities. Shortly after getting my machine, Cricut launched a perforation blade and fine debossing tip. My Maker continues to amaze me with the things it can cut! Today, I’m sharing a round up of my top 5 most popular Cricut Maker tutorials.

1: Custom Hang Tags with Cricut Maker’s QuickSwap Toolset

cricut maker adaptive tool system Using the QuickSwap perforation blade and debossing tip in my Cricut Maker, I created hang tags for my screen printed t-shirts. The perforated tab made a tear-away spot for the price. The debossing tip made a nice detail border. After cutting the tags, I used my DIY screen printing method to print my logo on each tag. The acrylic screen printing ink gave it a slightly raised texture. Read Full Tutorial maker quickswap tools new

2: Cut and Screen Print on Felt with Your Cricut Maker

cutting felt cricut maker blade how to My Cricut Maker cut craft felt with ease using the Cricut Rotary Blade on the Fabric Mat. Within a few minutes I had a stack of perfectly cut felt hearts. I screen printed on the cut felt, making an easy DIY conversation heart banner decoration for Valentine’s Day. Read Full Tutorial screen printing vinyl tutorial cricut silhouette

3: Leather Football Earrings Made with Cricut Maker

screen printing leather earrings cricut easypress mini Leather was another one of those materials I was just amazed that the Cricut Maker could cut. I love cutting leather to make lightweight, durable earrings. The Maker will even cut the tiny hole in the top making it easy to add your earring hook. I also cut a piece of adhesive vinyl on my Cricut Maker to screen print on top of the leather. With screen printing on leather, you can make earrings in bulk to sell in your craft fair booth or stock your online store. Read Full Tutorial

4: Basswood Ornaments Cut on Cricut Maker

cricut maker basswod oramanet personalized

The Cricut Maker’s ability to cut through basswood is amazing! I cut these key shaped ornaments for a local REALTOR. I added her logo by cutting a small piece of adhesive vinyl and screen printing on top of the basswood. The process worked similar to my tutorial on screen printing on wood signs. I am still putting my Cricut Maker to the test daily – cutting a variety of materials. If you are comparing the Air2 or another brand vinyl cutter to the Cricut Maker, my choice is always the Maker. There are just so many crafting possibility with this amazing machine!

5: Screen Printing T-Shirts with Your Cricut Maker

Cricut Infusible Ink vs. Screen Printing with Vinyl

My most popular tutorials at Pigskins & Pigtails are DIY screen printing projects using adhesive vinyl cut on my Cricut Maker. I use the adhesive vinyl as a stencil on my screen printing frame to make multiple prints of the same design. 

If you are interested in learning how to screen print using vinyl cut on your Cricut machine, learn about my 10 Step Screen Printing Process.


  1. Is vinyl or HTV best on screens for screen printing? Do you find the ink works better with the image on top of the screen or underneath, closest to the fabric.

    • I use vinyl 99% of the time. I use HTV when it’s a design that I want to print over and over (like my logo). It saves time weeding over and over. I put mine on the bottom of the screen!


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