How to Screen Print Coloring Pages Using Supplies You Have at Home

Mar 29, 2020 | Cricut Projects, Easter, Indoor Activities for Kids, Project Ideas, Screen Printing, Vinyl Projects

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If you are looking for creative activities to do with your kids at home, this tutorial uses basic Cricut materials and basic art supplies we had at home. No trips to the craft store for this project!

I used my screen printing with vinyl method to print geometric rabbits for my daughter to color.  The great thing about screen printing is that you can print on so many mediums.  Grab some of your extra card stock, printer paper, poster board, or canvas boards and turn them into coloring pages.  We experimented with various supplies we had on hand.  Markers and watercolors were my daughter’s favorites.

projects to make at home screen printing kids

Cricut Supplies Used

screen pirnting with vinyl tutorial cricut craft

Other Supplies We Had at Home

projects to make with kids at home cricut

Process Video

This video is sponsored by Cricut. The project ideas and opinions are all mine.

How to Screen Print with Vinyl

If you are a Cricut crafter, you can screen print at home!  Learn how to get started screen printing with your Cricut here.

how to screen print with craft vinyl

Tips for Screen Printing on Paper, Card Stock, Poster Board, and Canvas

  • I use Speedball Acrylic Ink when screen printing on paper. The ink dries quickly and is permanent – with no need to heat set.
  • Create some off-contact space to prevent bleeding during the screen printing process.  You’ll see in the video I used plastic poker chips taped to my base.  You can also use quarters.  This extra space between the screen and paper allows the screen to pop back up after you squeegee over.
  • Once the ink dried, we were able to paint over the lines with watercolors without the ink bleeding!
  • Cricut is offering tons of new, free designs to use within Cricut Design Space.  These ready-made designs and graphics make it easy to get started on your project right away.

screen printing coloring books for kids screen printing paper speedball coloringHo


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