How to Screen Print on Canvas Bags // iPhone and iPad Charger Organization

Jan 16, 2020 | Cricut Projects, Project Ideas, Screen Printing, Tutorials, Vinyl Projects

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We are always searching chargers in our house. Everyone's charger looks the same with all of the Apple devices we own. It was time to label everyone's chargers so we could tell them apart. I created personalized girl empowered bags for my daughters (and me) to keep our chargers organized and handy when we are on the go. Then, I added vinyl decals to personalize the chargers.

tutorial screen printing diy canvas zipper bags

Supplies Needed for this Project

how to screen print vinyl cricut silhouette speedball

Tips for Screen Printing on Canvas Bags

  • The texture of canvas can make for a tricky surface to screen print on.  I've found that the ink bleeds very easily, because the ink doesn't soak in to canvas as quickly as it does on cotton t-shirts. To avoid bleeding, try 1 or 2 even coats of ink.  The more ink you add, the more likely it is to bleed.
  • It is important to keep your screen printing surface flat and even.  A zipper can create unevenness in your screen and your ink won't go on evenly.  I use a piece of scrap wood placed inside the bag to raise the area I want to screen print on – creating an even work surface.
  • I use Speedball Fabric Ink on canvas and heat set the ink after it is completely dry.  This will allow me to wash the bags without the ink fading. More tips on heat setting Speedball fabric ink.
  • The great part about screen printing is that you can reuse the screen to make multiple prints of the same design.  Once you are done with your first bag, lift the screen and put it right on top of your next bag.  Don't wash the screen in between uses (the vinyl will come off!).  This is a great DIY way to make custom printed bags in bulk.

screen printing tutorial canvas bags

Process Video

Here's a look at how I screen printed the bags using vinyl, then applying the vinyl decals to the charger cords.

diy personalized canvas bags

Alright, no more stealing my charger, kids!  I've got mine labeled and ready to grab when we leave the house. Hopefully this will help keep us organized and never low on battery!

organize chargers travel personalized bags

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  1. Beautiful, wow. Did you have ink bleeding issues? I’m trying to do small detail on a canvas pouch but it’s coming out terrible.


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