Screen Printing Glow in the Dark Ink with DIY Pallet

Oct 21, 2019 | Ink, Project Ideas, Screen Printing, Screen Printing Press, Tutorials

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Last week I shared a tutorial on a DIY Youth and Toddler size screen printing pallet that I made for my screen printing press.  This same pallet works great for tote bags too!  Today I'm making a personalized trick-or-treat bag for my daughter who is going to be Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon” for Halloween. Yep, no girly-girl costumes for us.  It seems like just yesterday that I made DIY tutus for Halloween and now I'm making dragon wings!

For a fun effect on Halloween night, I used Speedball Night Glo ink in white.  This ink isn't very thick so I knew that covering a black bag would be difficult with just one coat of ink.  You've seen me use the ink – dry – ink – dry method in tutorials to get a vibrant color on dark fabrics. I'm using that same process here to get a great coverage on this blank tote bag.

glow in dark screen printing ink toothless tote bag

Supplies Used in this Tutorial

Process Video

Not shown in the video > Heat setting the tote after the ink dries.  This step is important because it makes your ink permanent on the fabric.  Here is a tutorial with 6 ways you can heat set screen printing ink.

Want to learn how to screen print with craft vinyl?  Start here!

how to screen print with craft vinyl



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