My Favorite Commercial Fonts for T-Shirt Designs

Oct 18, 2019 | Cricut Projects, Design Tips, Screen Printing

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One of the questions I get asked frequently when I share my screen printed projects is, “What font did you use?”  I have always dreamed of hand lettering designs.  I have taken a few lettering classes and admire hand writing experts like Stephanie at Lettered by Stephanie.  I even got the iPad Pro + Pencil, but I've just come to accept that handwriting is not my area of expertise.  Instead – I've found fonts that look like the handwriting I wish I had!

Whether you are designing shirts, totes, signs or anything crafty, finding the right fonts are key to that picture perfect project.  To help you get started with your next design, I'm sharing my favorite purchased fonts.

Why Purchase Fonts?

If you are designing SVG files or t-shirts to sell, you want to make sure you have the proper licensing for any fonts used (just as you would for graphics).  I have found that most free fonts are for personal use only. Purchasing a commercially licensed font mean you can use that font in all of your projects without infringing on someone else's hard work.

My Favorite Fonts

These are all fonts that I have purchased and use regularly in my projects.


If you are looking for a simple, beautiful cursive font without the brush effect, this monoline font is a great choice.

Purchase Bellamona Font

Stay Wonderful

Another monoline font that is a mix between script and handwritten print, this font is one of my favorites.

Purchase Stay Wonderful Font


I am obsessed with this font and have used it on a ton of projects – from water bottles to t-shirts.

Purchase Sunflower Font


Sometimes you need a font that doesn't go below the baseline.  This fun, handwritten font keeps all of the tails above the baseline.

Purchase Haybasket Font


Marshmallow script font from creative market

This is a font that I use a ton!  Most recently, I used it on my “Hey Y'all” hat tutorial.

Purchase Marshmallow Font

Homemade Hamburger

Homemade hamburger font uppercase handwritten font

If you are looking for a Rae Dunn inspired font, this is my go-to for a farmhouse feel.

Purchase Homemade Hamburger Font

Labeck Font

labeck font download playful kids font

This is a great font for kids.

Purchase Labeck Font

Rachael Script

rachael script font retro vintage

Purchase Rachael Script

Apple Butter Font

apple butter rae dunn font for cricut

Purchase Apple Butter Font


Purchase Helvegen Font

Magic Story

Purchase Magic Story Font


Purchase Malisara Font

Inline Neon Font

neon lights font for cricut shirts download

Purchase Inline Font

Playlines Typeface

Playlines modern font download

This unique font is perfect when you want something different from the script fonts.

Purchase Playlines Typeface Font


allora font script download brush

Purchase Allora Font

Strawberry Milkshake

Strawberry milkshake fun font handwritten kid

Purchase Strawberry Milkshake Font

Garlic Butter

Garlic butter font download creative handwritten font
Purchase Garlic Butter Font


mannie font sans serif bold font vinyl

Purchase Mannie Font

Favorite Handwritten Font Bundle

Favorite font bundle for cricut

Want more bang for your buck? Creative Market has some great bundle options.  If you are just getting started or looking to overhaul your font library, this is the way to go!  I have made so many shirt designs with this “best sellers bundle.”  The bundle includes 4 fonts for just over the price of 1 font.  Such a great deal!

Fonts Included:

You can find them listed individually here but it is a much better deal to get the bundle:
Farmhouse LemonadeJoyfully | SugarSweet | Watermelon Margarita

Huge Collection of Fonts

font collection script handwritten bundle

This is a great bundle to get you started with lots of new fonts to use in your designs. This was the first bundle that I purchased and I still use so many of them daily. The bundle includes 21 script fonts.  I don't use all of these with my vinyl projects – some of the fine brush stroke textures are difficult to cut/weed with my Cricut.

By far, Masterblush and Beautiful Bloom are two of my most used fonts.

Purchase Font Bundle | Southfield | Masterblush | Summer Festival | Rosefield | The Saturday | Perfect Sunset | Wilderness | Sugarstyle Millenial | Paradise Thoughts | Beautiful Bloom | Imperfectly | Riverside Avenue | Steadfast | Smaragdines | Little Bestseller | Festive Script | Silverberry | Hello Stockholm | Trendsetter | Northern Lights | Awesome

What about Free Fonts?

Free is always better but it can be difficult to find free fonts that allow use in commercial projects.  Occasionally, you can find a really awesome commercial font for free.  One of my favorite sites for finding free commercial fonts is Font Squirrel. While they advertise 100% commercial free fonts, always be sure to double check the licensing.  

What are your go-to fonts for t-shirt designs (or crafting in general)?  Share your favorites in the comments below!


  1. I love using Magnolia sky when I’m designing Doormats!

    • That’s a great one! I love all the cursive/handwritten fonts!

  2. Great as always! Just a question: What licence should I buy in Creative market? There is a long list. Can you help, please? Cheers!

    • The Desktop license! That’s perfect for using the fonts in Design Space or whatever program you use to design your items!

  3. I’m wanting to sell t-shirt design downloads, for other people to make their own. What license do I need to be able to do this.

    • Make sure you have a commercial font license but also read their terms and make sure you can use them to create products to sell. Each website may be a little different on what their license includes.


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