30 Things to Screen Print Using Your Cricut or Silhouette

Sep 8, 2019 | Cricut Projects, Project Ideas, Screen Printing

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If you’ve been following me, you know I’m completely hooked on screen printing. I love the results and how quickly you can make multiple prints. It’s less weeding and less vinyl.  Screen printing using my Cricut Maker and vinyl is so much faster than traditional screen printing.  I can quickly create a stencil to make 1 item or use it to make 50+ items.

If you haven't tried screen printing with vinyl using your Cricut or Silhouette machine yet, you can learn the entire process in my online beginner's course.

I’m on a mission to try screen printing on everything I can think of. I love testing out new materials to see what works and what doesn't.  Here are 30 of my most successful screen printing projects. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for even more ideas!

30 Things to Screen Print Using Vinyl

screen printing with vinyl on t-shirts, tote bags, koozies, pillow cases, and paper

1. T-shirts and Totes

Screen printing works great on all types of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags. Here's my favorite source for discount pricing on blanks: Shop blank t-shirts and blank totes

2. Koozies or Can Holders

Koozies or Can Holders are great for summer parties, weddings or family reunions. Grab some blank koozies and screen print these for your next party!

3. Pillow Cases

Screen printing is a great way to personalize pillow cases. The screen printing ink soaks into the fibers of your fabric leaving a nice soft print. This isn't going to feel ruff or scratchy to sleep on!  If you are planning a slumber party or want to personalize your kids' bedding, try screen printing on blank pillow cases.

4. Paper

Screen printing isn't just for fabric. You can screen print on paper too!  This is a great way to make oversized coloring sheets or put your logo on stationary. Here's a tutorial all about screen printing on paper.

screen printing with vinyl backpack, blankets, tea towels, and notebooks

5. Backpacks

Screen print bags for camp, school or fun swag bags for your next event. While screen printing on backpacks does work, you'll want to avoid squeegeeing over zippers or seams.

Pro Tip: Some bags will not hold up to heat pressing (like the one pictured). You can skip the heat pressing step. As long as the bag doesn't get washed, it will hold up just fine.

6. Stadium Blankets

Screen printing stadium blankets is a great fundraiser or gift idea for sports fans. These super soft sweatshirt blankets are one of my favorite things to make!  Here's a full tutorial on screen printing white ink on dark fabrics. 

7. Tea Towels

Tea Towels are a great choice for beginners who want to practice screen printing.  I love practicing on these towels because they are cheaper than t-shirts but still so practical. I have made towels for every season and love using them in my kitchen. These blank tea towels can be personalized for wedding gifts too!

8. Notebooks and Folders

Want a quick and easy way to label all of your back to school supplies?  Screen print your monogram or name on notebooks, spirals and folders.  I use Speedball acrylic screen printing ink for this project. This ink does not need to be heat set.  Just let the ink air dry.

screen printing with vinyl on wood, burlap, leather and headbands

9. Wood

Sign makers, this is going to save you a ton of time. Instead of creating a stencil for every sign, you can use one piece of vinyl on your screen printing frame to print your design on every sign. Think of how much time this will save you!  Here's a full tutorial about screen printing on wood.

10. Banner

(tutorial / blank banner)

11. Earrings

(tutorial  / Cricut leather)

12. Headbands

(tutorial / blank headbands)

screen printing with vinyl on pencil bags, paper bags, acrylic boxes, and foam fingers

13. Pencil Bag

(blank bags)

14. Paper Bags

(tutorial / blank bags)

15. Acrylic Macaron Boxes

If you love making macarons like Artisanal Touch Kitchen, these clear boxes are a great way of selling your macarons. You can screen print your logo or a monogram for an elegant wedding favor.

16. Foam Finger

Sports fans, this is a great fundraiser idea for your favorite team. Grab some blank foam fingers and add your team name or logo with screen printing.


screen printing with vinyl on freezer pop sleeves, napkins, costumes, and aprons

17. PJs

(blank t-shirts)

18. Napkins

(tutorial / napkins)

19. Halloween Costumes

(blank t-shirts)

20. Aprons

(blank aprons)

screen printing on bed sheets, door mats, hats and boxes

21. Bed Sheets

22. Door Mats

23. Hat Patches

24. Shipping Boxes

screen printing on car visors, beach balls, cork coasters, and flip flops

25. Car Sun Shades

26. Beach Balls

27. Cork Coasters or Trivets

28. Flip Flops

This might be the craziest thing I have tried screen printing! It worked!  You can screen print on flip flops to make a fun summer wreath or add your design and wear them!

screen printing umbrellas and polymailers

29. Umbrellas

This is a great promotional item. Add your logo or team logo with screen printing. Here's a full tutorial to help you screen print on umbrellas.

30. Polymailers

Small business owners, this is a great way to add your logo or branding on your packaging.  Screen printing works great on polymailers.  Once it dries, you have a permanent print that won't scratch off in the mail. 

What should I try next? Comment below if you have any ideas of things I should try screen printing on.


  1. Baseball caps!

    • I have been determined to figure this one out! I will create a tutorial as soon as I perfect a method.

  2. Leather and pleather??

    • Great ideas! I’m working on an earring tutorial using Cricut’s leather and screen printing on them. Stay tuned!!

  3. Do you have a tutorial on getting a scratched look using the freezer paper stencil or screen printing method?

    • Coming soon! I’m working on a distressed design tutorial 🙂

      • Thank you.. I can’t wait!!!

  4. Have you ever screen printed on polypropylene bags?

  5. Can you use speedball on blank door mats? I want to try but not sure

  6. What about cups or mugs? Can that be done? I see it done with another print screen company, they even put it on a oven for half an hour so set the ink. But what about Speedball?

  7. I love the PJs idea in #17… what kind of shorts are those? Can they also be found on the same site as the shirts? My daughter would love a ton of those. Thanks.

  8. Soft sided suitcases?


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