How to Organize Your Cricut Supplies

Jul 1, 2019 | Cricut Projects, Organization, Screen Printing

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Store Cricut Supplies Mats

Alright crafters, you know it takes a lot of equipment and supplies to make all the things. I've been having fun using my new Cricut Maker, EasyPress2 and BrightPad. After getting everything unboxes, I quickly realized that I needed a way to keep it all organized.  After crafting, organizing is my next favorite hobby!

I found the Lexington rolling cart at Michaels and it fits everything perfectly.  The bottom 2 shelves hold of my Easy Press 2s.  I added the Cart Topper which gives me the perfect spot to keep my BrightPad while still having storage underneath for my pens, tools, and blades.

The cart rolls around easily so I can grab it when I'm ready to craft, but store it when it's not in use. I love the functionality of being able to pull up the cart next to my Maker or push it to the corner of the room when I don't need it.

What I love most about the cart is that it holds everything.  I hang my mats on the side of the cart using a magnetic hook. To keep up with all of the cords, I attached this power strip to the side of the cart with zip ties. The longer 8 ft cord allows me to keep the cart plugged in and still move it to the middle of my craft room. I can plugin the Bright Pad and Easy Press 2s all at once while keeping the cords under control.

What's in My Cart?

Cricut Cart Organization Supplies


Cricut organization with rolling cart

Under my BrightPad is the extra storage area for my tools. I use plastic baskets to keep everything organized.

How to organize your cricut supplies

I'm loving the organization of this cart but I love the Cricut tools even more!  Happy Crafting!


  1. Such a cute way to use the cart! Love all of your ideas. Will definitely make some notes, as I just got a new cart myself!

    • Thanks! These carts are so practical for storing all of your craft supplies!


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