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Are you hooked on screen printing like I am?  If you have the primary ink colors from Speedball, you can expand your color options by simply mixing the inks together. Sounds easy, right?!  Well, I have found that Speedball Fabric Inks don’t mix like you would expect with tradition paints. For example, red and blue make a deep plum color rather than the purple you would expect.

I spent a lot of time trying different color combinations to help you take the guess work out of mixing colors. I am very excited to launch this recipe guide for mixing primary colors!

This easy-to-follow guide comes with instructions and tips on how to mix red, blue, yellow and white Speedball Fabric Inks to make green, leaf, emerald, moss, lime, saltwater, orange, tangerine, ember, plum, maroon, midnight, smoky, wine, stone, coral, apricot, and peach colors.  The recipes are based on proportions, making it easy to mix a small or large batch. You can mix enough to make one or two shirts or mix your favorite colors in bulk. The inks store well in an air-tight container so you can use them as needed.

Now Available in Primary, Fall and Holiday Colors!

Here’s a look at the process of mixing the ink and screen printing.   If you are just getting started screen printing with craft vinyl and your vinyl cutter, here is a guide to help you get started.