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How to screen print reverse canvas

I recently had some requests on Instagram for a reverse canvas tutorial.  This has been something I’ve wanted to try.  I’m always up for a new screen printing challenge, so I gave it a shot. Here’s a look at the process:

Things I Learned:

  • Canvas doesn’t take screen printing ink like cotton or other surfaces.  I had some struggles with bleeding.  I was able to get just the right amount of ink and pressure to get a good print, but it did take some trial and error.
  • I tried first but settled on because it was a little easier to use on the canvas surface.
  • I did not heat press this even though it goes against my rule of always heat pressing Speedball Fabric Ink.  Since I’m hanging it on my wall and not washing it, I skipped this step.
  • The quality of the canvas material probably makes a difference.  I was using the cheapest canvas packs I could find at Michaels.
  • Reverse canvases are so easy to make and look so nice!  I’ll definitely be making more of these in the future.
  • If I’m making just one canvas, I will most likely use HTV.  But, if you want to make multiples of the same design, screen printing is the way to go (just budget a few extra canvases to practice!)

Reverse canvas screen printing tutorial diy

Supplies I Used in this Tutorial: