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The final step to screen printing with craft vinyl using Speedball water-based inks, is to heat set the ink.  Applying heat to your shirt makes the ink permanent.  This allows you to wash and dry your shirts just like you would with other t-shirts. One of the reasons I love screen printing over HTV, is how the garments hold up in the wash.  If you properly heat set the ink, they will last for many, many washes!

Your first step is to screen print your design.  If you haven’t tried screen printing with your Cricut, you can learn here: Complete Guide to Screen Printing with Craft Vinyl.

How to Heat Set Your Screen Printed Shirt

Before you jump into heat setting your design, you need to make sure your design is completely dry.  With water-based ink, like Speedball Fabric Ink, that means leaving it long enough for the water to evaporate so the pigments can cure properly.  If you are like me and doing screen printing at home, as a hobby or small craft business, you probably don’t have a fancy forced air dryer that screen printing shops use to speed up this process.

So, without special equipment, you can leave your shirt flat to air dry.  It may feel dry within an hour or so, but you really want to be patient with this step.  I typically leave mine overnight.  The longer you can wait the better.  Speedball recommends 24-48 hours.  I am usually trying to get shirts done the night before I need them.  Personally, I haven’t had any problems with heat setting them after less than 24 hours of drying.  If you are selling your shirts, I would suggest waiting at least the 24 hours before moving on to the next step.

Screen printing set ink with heat

Now that your shirt is completely dry, it’s time to heat set the ink.  The Cricut Easy Press 2 is perfect for the job.  I have 2 sizes, the 9×9 works great for large designs while the 6×7 size is great for smaller designs or onesies.

I set my Easy Press 2 at 320 degrees for 40 seconds. Place the Easy Press 2 on your design and start the clock. If you have a larger design, you will need to move the press around until all areas of the design have been heated for at least 40 seconds.

That’s it!  Now your shirt can be washed and dried like normal.  I recommend washing and drying based on the label in your garment.  No special modifications are needed once you have properly heat set the ink.

NOTE: While 320 degrees for 40 seconds has worked great for me, you should always test your settings, especially if you are selling your shirts!

How to heat set speedball ink with easy press

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