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Painted signs with cricut stencil screen printing

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to make wood signs?  In the past, I have used stencil vinyl to paint signs. I would attach the stencil directly to the wood, paint, and then peel up the stencil to reveal the painted design.  Today, I want to show you a method that is so much faster – especially if you are making more than one sign with your design.

You can screen print on wood!  I still use Speedball ink but instead of fabric ink, I use acrylic ink for wood surfaces.

Wood sign painting stencil cricut oracal


The process is the same I use when screen printing with craft vinyl on t-shirts. Cut the design on Oracal 651 and attach it your Speedball screen using transfer tape. Using Speedball acrylic ink, squeegee the ink over your design.  Lift the screen to reveal your painted design.  Leave it to air dry overnight.  With acrylic ink,  you do not need to heat set the ink. Once it is dry, it is permanent!



  1. Cut your design (mirror the image) on Oracal 651 vinyl.
  2. Weed the parts of your design that will be in ink.
  3. Attach the vinyl to the back of your Speedball screen.
  4. Line up your screen on your wood and squeegee the ink over the design.
  5. Lift up the screen to reveal your painted design.
  6. You can immediately place the screen on your next piece of wood and repeat the process.
  7. Allow the ink to dry overnight.

For more details (and photos) on screen printing with vinyl, check out my step-by-step guide to screen printing with vinyl.

How to screen print on wood