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May 17, 2019 | Around the House, Organization, Screen Printing

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Today, I'm showing you around my creative space.  This is my favorite room in our house… my office/craft room/screen printing shop all in one.  I can often be found here late at night – that's when my creative juices really start flowing.

I have always been into vinyl projects – personalizing every water bottle and box we own.  I also made tons of shirts for my girls with HTV.  Since I discovered screen printing with my vinyl cutter, my creative space has taken a whole new shape.  I've added a couple large pieces of equipment (heat press and screen printing press).  I've also rearranged shelves to hold my Speedball ink and supplies.

It's not too often that my crafting space is this neat.  My tables are usually piled with shirts for the next project or 100s of napkins are spread out on the floor to dry.  Before the weekend starts and I dive into more crafting projects, here's a look at they way I wish my space looked all the time!

Pigskins and Pigtails Home Office

The room also doubles as a guest bedroom. My girls always ask if I take naps on the bed since it's right by my computer.  I wish I had that kind of extra time in my day! Ha!

When I got the screen printing press to take my DIY shirt hobby to the next level, I needed something to mount it to (it needs to be bolded down).  I found that it fit perfectly on this IKEA Kitchen Cart. The shelves under fit my 10×14 screens perfectly.  I attached a container (also found at IKEA) on the side to hold my larger 16×20 screen.

I put all of my screen printing supplies in the tiered rolling cart so I can pull it close to my work space and move it out of the way when I'm done.

Screen printing at home setup space room

Heat press setup storage for vinyl

Here are the links to some my favorite things.  Comment below if you want to know about any of the other items you see!

Now that I've finished the tour, it's time to get crafting and make a mess again 🙂

Have a great weekend!  Happy Crafting!


  1. Is your table set up in the center of the room from Ikea as well? Heading there tomorrow! lol

    • Yes! It’s 2 Alex drawer units connected with one of their tabletops…all found in the office section. I did end up mounting them on another piece of plywood so I could add more substantial wheels (it is really heavy when you add the top!)

  2. You do screen printing in that beautiful white room?

    • I do and I make a mess! Luckily it all cleans up pretty easily!

  3. Where did you find the bed? It’s beautiful and perfect for a corner.


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