Screen Printing on Napkins with Vinyl

May 13, 2019 | Cricut Projects, Project Ideas, Screen Printing, Tutorials

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Perfect for graduations or birthdays.. cut your own design from vinyl using your Cricut or Silhouette and make personalized disposable napkins for your next party!

The Process

If you are familiar with my screen printing with vinyl process, you will use the same steps here.  The main differences are that I'm using Speedball Acrylic Ink and the Speedball Hinged Frame rather than my basic 10×14 screen that I use for making t-shirts.  The hinges allow me to easily align all of my napkins for fast printing.

Once you have transferred your vinyl stencil to the back of your frame and taped off the remaining exposed areas with painter's tape, you will want to create a template that you will use to align your napkins.  Tape down a piece of parchment paper to your surface and run a coat of ink over the screen.  This will leave your inked design on the parchment paper.  Cut out a piece of paper that is the exact size as your napkins.  Slide this paper under the parchment paper (carefully, you don't want to move the parchment paper!).  Adjust the paper until the design is exactly where you want it to print on the napkins.  Tape down the paper templates and remove your parchment paper.  Use your paper template as a guide for placing your napkins on the surface.  Now you are ready to screen print your napkins!

Let your napkins to air dry.  Mine were dry in a couple hours but I left them spread out overnight to be sure.

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