How to Clean Your Speedball Screen

May 16, 2019 | Cricut Projects, Maintenance, Screen Printing, Tutorials

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When well cared for, your Speedball screen can last for hundreds of screen printing projects.  The clean up process for your screen is simple.  You just need a sink and soft brush.  You can clean your screen with dish soap but I have not found that necessary.

Immediately after you finish your prints, remove the adhesive vinyl from the back of your screen.  I use a palette knife to scrape off the small detail pieces.  I have found this tool to be easier than a plastic knife.  Be careful not to tear or poke a hole in your screen when you are doing this!  You can also use your fingernail to pick off the small pieces.

Process Video:


It is normal for some colors to stain the screen. This is okay – it doesn't affect the quality of your future prints. Over time my frames and screens have stains from a variety of projects. If you want to replace your Speedball screen, this tutorial walks you through replacing your Speedball screen.

Speedball Screen Printing frames how to clean

I have a very small sink in my art space so it takes some turning and maneuvering to get the entire screen cleaned.  I replaced our standard sink faucet with a pull down sprayer.  This has helped speed up the cleaning process a ton!  If you don't have a spray feature on your sink, you can use the soft brush and a steady stream of water just the same.

After your screen and tools are clean, leave them try dry before starting on your next screen printing project!

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