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Screen printing on burlap banner

I’ve been curious whether screen printing would work on burlap.  I decided to give it a try with a few items I found at Hobby Lobby.  I purchased a pre-made burlap banner and 4-count place mats.  You can get a similar banner on Amazon for less.  You can also find blank burlap placemats on Amazon here.

I’m excited to report that it works!  I love that with a thin coat of paint, you can get a rustic, worn look.  You can also use a little more ink (less pressure on the squeegee) to get a more solid color.

I used my 1-color screen printing press but you can make this project without any extra equipment.  Just place the banner on your table and hold your Speedball screen printing frame on top.  You can also use the Speedball hinged frame.  The press and the hinge frame give you the ability to lift the screen and see if you have enough ink.  If you need to add another coat, you can lower the screen to print again.  If you are screen printing without a press or hinge frame, you’ll only have one shot – once you lift the screen, it’s really hard to get it back in the same spot to add more ink.

This would be a great DIY wedding project. You could add your monogram to burlap centerpieces or make a banner for the gifts table. There are so many options!  Whatever you create with your vinyl cutter, you can screen print onto vinyl!

Want to learn how to screen print with your Cricut or Silhouette?  Here’s a great place to start to learn all about screen printing with craft vinyl.

Supplies Needed to Screen Print a Burlap Bunny Banner

Screen printing burlap place mats

Blank Burlap Placemats: Amazon

More Easter Screen Printing Projects

Also, this week, I used this adorable free cut file from Happy Go Lucky to screen print 2 t-shirts and a pillow….all with one vinyl cut!  With screen printing and my vinyl cutter, I only had to weed this design one time. Once it is on my Speedball screen, I can make as many prints as I need.  For this design, I made 2 shirts and a pillow for our entryway.

Hip Hop Easter Project

how to screen print with craft vinyl