Where to Buy Blank Shirts for Screen Printing

Mar 8, 2019 | Cricut Projects, Screen Printing, Vinyl Projects

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Where to Buy Blank Tshirts for Crafting One of the questions I get most often is, “where do you purchase blank shirts for screen printing?” I am excited to announce that I am an ambassador for a new blank website, Press Hall.  This site has all of the top brands at the lowest prices!  Plus, you can get free shipping on orders over $79. 

Favorite Tshirt Brands for Screen Printing

My next frequently asked questions is what brand shirts do I prefer.  I love a soft-feel shirt.  My go-to brands are Bella + Canvas and Hanes.  Specifically I like the Bella + Canvas Tri-Blend Short-Sleeve T-Shirt and the Heathered Tri-Blend.  Bella + Canvas tons of color choices and all of the tri-blend shirts are extremely soft.  If you are looking for a heavier weight t-shirt that is still soft, try the 1717 Comfort Colors.

Where to Buy T-Shirts for Screen Printing

For kids, I love the soft feel of Bella + Canvas youth shirts.  If I'm making a shirt that will only be worn once or twice, like a holiday shirt that they will outgrow before next year, then I will choose Gildan brand.  Gildan is your basic, everyday t-shirt and one of the cheapest prices you can find.

Where to Buy Youth Child Infant Shirt Blanks

For babies and toddlers, I like Bella + Canvas for a soft feel or the Rabbit Skins brand for a more economical choice.  I choose these particular styles because they are not a ribbed material.  Some baby onesies have a ribbed material.  These are a little harder to use in screen printing and can cause some bleeding because of the uneven texture.

See more of my favorite blanks >


  1. Thank you!!

    • Is that a masking type tranger tape being used in the video?

      • It’s transfer tape. You can buy it here: https://amzn.to/2SV88RL
        It’s the best transfer tape for easily applying your vinyl to the screen! It comes in a huge roll that will last a long time. I use it for all of my vinyl projects.

  2. What is the fit of these shirts? I have a hard time finding longer shirts that aren’t too tight. Thanks.

  3. Thanks so much for all your tutorials, they’re fantastic! Do you find using t-shirts that contain polyester a problem at all, I recently did a screen printing course and we were told to use 100% cotton as the ink cans it on top of the polyester fibres. Just wondered if this is actually an issue or not. Many thanks! Lauren

    • Thanks for checking out my tutorials! My favorite shirts to screen print are the cotton/poly blends. I love wearing soft style shirts, so these are my go-to. I haven’t had any problem screen printing them. The darker color inks soak right into these shirts and look great (white ink is a little different on all shirts). I have also done 100% poly before too and gotten good results with those!

  4. Do you have a recommendation for a good v-neck shirt?

  5. Do you recommend different shirts for screen print vs heat iron vinyl projects?

    • These shirts are great for both!

  6. Sorry I tried looking around for the answer to this. Do you prewash the stuff you are selling?

    I love your YouTube channel. And congrats on the Speedball kit! ❤️

    • Hi Leslie, Thanks so much!
      I do not prewash. Screen printing works with or without prewash so I save myself the extra step!

  7. Actually I was planning to start a business on this brand and this article clears all my doubt.. Thanks a lot for providing such a helpful guide..


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