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10th Birthday Photo session mystery theme

Taylor’s 10th birthday party was a celebration of her love for all things Nancy Drew. We have read all of the Nancy Drew Diaries series, Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Series as well as most of the older Nancy Drew books. I’m excited to share the details of her mystery themed birthday party today! Scroll down for details on the cake, the mystery activity and the party favors.Nancy Drew Birthday Party Mystery Game and Cake

The Cake

The cake was covered in fondant. For the edible magnifying glass, I created a fondant base and filled it with glass candy.  I found the instructions for glass candy at

Nancy Drew Birthday Cake

Can you solve the case of the missing party favors?

After the guests arrived, we filled them in on a mystery.  Someone stole the party favors!  In order to retrieve the party favors, they had to crack the case.  There were 4 “levels” for this mystery.  They were given a list of suspects – all of whom were adults at the party.  Similar to the game of Clue, the guests used the clues to narrow down the suspects, until they were left with one possible suspect.

Want to host your own mystery party for kids?  I’ll be sharing all the details of this mystery in a future blog post!

Nancy Drew Mystery Game Activity with Instructions

Photo Booth

After solving the mystery, we took photos of everyone holding these signs inspired by the escape room challenges.

Mystery Party Photo Booth with Props

Nancy Drew Birthday Party

Mystery Theme Party Favors

Nancy Drew Mystery Theme Party Favors

Our party favors included:

The Invitation

Mystery Party Nancy Drew Birthday Invitation Printable

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