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Mystery Birthday Party Activity with Instructions

Can you solve the mystery of the missing party favors?

When guests arrived at my daughter’s 10th birthday party, they were challenged to solve a mystery to find the favors.  This took some planning to pull off but it was a fun activity!

I created this activity to be difficult enough for my 10 year old Nancy Drew but also something her friends, cousins and younger sister could participate in.  There are 4 steps to solve this mystery – identifying objects left at the crime scene and determining who they could belong to, discovering who has an alibi, examining finger prints, and studying handwriting samples.  In each step, guests worked to eliminate the not-guilty suspects until they are left with one possible guilty suspect.

Items you will need to host this mystery activity:

  • 8 willing adults to be the “suspects”
  • Starbucks cup, fruit flavored gum, a grocery store receipt, dog bones, and a gift tag (these are used as “evidence”)
  • Gift bag to hide all of your missing party favors
  • Printable worksheets and instructions
  • Pencils and glue sticks

I offer the complete kit with detailed instructions and printable worksheets here >

Mystery Game Instructions and Printables

When the mystery was solved, we used these photo props in our Birthday Mugshots Photo Booth.Mystery Party Photo Booth with Props