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Make Your Own Orbeez Stress Ball Sensory

The slime and squishy crazes have taken over our house this summer.  Luckily I have contained the slime mess to our art room and the girls no longer want to buy every squishy they see.  Nonetheless, I was ready to find a new craft that my girls would enjoy making just as much as slime.  Hopefully this is it!  Today we made these DIY water bead squishies and they are a hit.  Just as fun as the squishy toys you can purchase – but much cheaper!  Still a DIY project like slime – but with no mess!

They are super simple to make.  You will need:

Directions: Soak your Orbeez or generic brand water beads in water according to the directions.  Fill an empty water bottle with the water beads.  Attach an inflated balloon to the lip of the bottle.  Then turn the water bottle over and squeeze the beads into the balloon.  Let out the extra air and tie your balloon.  That’s it!  Enjoy playing with your sensory, stress relieving toy that is mess free!!

DIY Water Bead Squishies