DIY Pinata Making – End of Year Class Party

Jul 8, 2018 | Class Parties, School

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DIY Pinata Class Party Activity End of Year

To end a great year in 3rd grade, we had an ice cream party and learned to make our own personal-sized piñata.  To save some time, I prepped the boxes (steps below) before the party.  The kids cut fringe using crape paper streamers to decorate their piñata.  This was a fun craft for 3rd graders!

UPDATE: For a more detailed step-by-step tutorial on making mini piñatas, see my DIY Christmas Tree Piñata Tutorial.

3rd Grade Class Party Pinata Making

How to make your own pinata:

STEP 1:  Create a template of the shape you want to make. I chose ice cream cones. Cut your shape out of card board (great way to recycle old Amazon boxes!).  You will need 2 card board cutouts of your design per pinata.  You will also need a 2-3 inch strip of cardboard to make the side of your pinata.  In this strip, I poked 2 holes and added a string loop that will be used to hang the pinata.

STEP 2: Use masking tape to attach your top, bottom and side cardboard pieces into the shape of your pinata.  Don't forget to fill your pinata with candy and treats before sealing all of the sides!  You can also cut a hole in the box if you prefer to fill them later.

STEP 3:  Have the kids cut fringe into strips of crape paper streamers. I told them to cut slits about 3/4 of the way through the width of the streamers…cutting fringe about 1/4 inch apart.

STEP 4: Tape or glue the fringe to your pinata box. We used tape so the kids could take home their pinata right away (our party was at the end of the day).

STEP 5: Hang your pinata and have fun breaking it open!


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