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One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is the turkey disguise school project.  The turkey needs a disguise to avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner.  This year, Payton decided to disguise her turkey as a robot.  Meet Robo-Turkey.

Robot Turkey Diguise Project

We deconstructed an old laptop to gather parts and she decided how to put them together to create her robot turkey.  She used keys for the name and wires for the mouth and arms. She found bolts and screws for the eyes.

Last year, she created a Turkey Baby – complete with a bottle, pacifier, diaper and blanket.

Turkey Disguise as Baby

It’s so much fun to see her creative mind at work.  She has a definite vision on how she wants the final project to look and I enjoy helping her bring it all together.

I hope your Thanksgiving is full of traditions and memories.  Happy Thanksgiving!