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My brother was recently accepted into a very selective doctoral program (yay, little brother!).  To send our congrats, I create a little care package for the long nights of studying and all hard work ahead of him.


Here’s what is inside:

  • Uniball Pen:  “You’ll be making your MARK on a lot of people”
  • Paperclips: “To help you hold it all together when things get tough”
  • Sharpies:  “You are SHARP”
  • Post It Notes: “Don’t forget to take lots of notes”


  • To Do Notepad: “You will have lots TO DO”
  • Reese’s Pieces: “Because no matter what.. we love you to PIECES”
  • Dum Dums & Smarties: “You’re no DUM DUM. In fact, you’re quite a SMARTIE”


  • Snowboard USB Drive:  “Don’t forget to take time to get out and play”
  • Laptop Light: “For all of those late nights of studying”
  • 100 Grand Candy Bar: “You are on your way to earning 100 GRAND”


Congrats, little brother!  We are very proud of you.