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In our house, morning meltdowns occur when a sweet little 5-year-old doesn’t like the outfit that mommy picks out for her to wear to school.  Or, when mommy requires that the outfit be long sleeves and pants.  This kid would wear a skirt and t-shirt through the entire winter if I’d allow it (can you tell she’s from Texas?!).

In an effort to stand my ground and also give her some freedom of choosing her outfits, I came up with these Outfit Tags.  On Sundays, we go through her closet together and decide what she should wear for the week.  I give input based on the weather and she picks which clothes she wants to wear on which day.  So far it has worked wonders.  No more morning battles over what she is going to wear.  Yay!  Even better – since she doesn’t have to get my approval of her outfit choice each morning – she gets ready all by herself!


To make the tags, I came up with this little design and printed it on card stock.  I punched a 2.5 inch hole at the top for the hangers to slide through.