25 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Nov 13, 2012 | Christmas, Elf on the Shelf

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We had a great time introducing our Elf On The Shelf, Henry, last year.  Taylor (4) was a bit terrified after reading the story.  The thought of a small elf watching her all day really freaked her out.   She warmed up to him after seeing all of the mischief he got into each morning.  I'm looking forward to bring Henry back in a couple weeks!  Here are some of our ideas from last year.

Snowman Donuts (a peace offering on the first day)

Elf Made Lunch


Working on the Laptop

Left Grow Capsules for the Girls to Finish


Wrapped a Present That They Got to Open Early

Eating Ice Cream

Carried Away By Balloons (Dum Dums)

Toilet Papered the Bathroom

Taking a Bubble Bath

Brought an Ornament (so we can remember the year we introduced Henry)

Making Brownies 

Henry left a note telling the girls to finish adding the ingredients and bake.

Watching a Movie on the iPod

Sneaking M&Ms

Tangled in Christmas Lights


Henry Has A Cold

Hanging from the Fan

Riding a Horse

Reminding the Girls to Brush Their Teeth

Henry the Explorer

Riding in the Car

With a 1 year old in the house, we had to put Henry out of reach.

Making Faces on Family Pictures

Going to Grandma and Grandpa's House

We traveled the days leading up to Christmas. In order to get Henry with us, the day we left he was found hanging out in the car.  The next day, he made his way inside grandma & grandpa's house.

Eating Taylor's Gingerbread House


  1. The elf has become such a big hit in many homes. Won’t the kids be disappointed when they learn the truth!!?? My daughter-in-aws have come up with some very creative ideas and so have you! You just never know where he will appear!

    • well yes all kids are going to be disappointed. but cherish this time with them it makes them happy

      • My ten year old granddaughter still loves her elf even though she knows the truth. She gets a few turns to move her too.

  2. Great ideas. We started the tradition this year and my four year old daughter is having so much fun. My son is two years old so we also have to put “Sally” out of reach. Where did you find the elf ornament? I would love to get one for our tree!

    • I found mine on Amazon.

  3. Where did you get the elf Ornament??? I would love to try and find one!! Thanks!!

    • I believe I found it at Hobby Lobby, but it’s been a few years so I’m not 100%.

      • That’s ok. At least gives me an idea on where to try and start! 🙂 Thank you!

      • Barnes and noble has a very good selection of the elf stuff

  4. I try to put up a unique Elf pic everyday of the Christmas season on my instagram. Andrewjlarsen


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