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With school starting up this week, I decided we needed a way to display all of the paintings and projects that our 3 year old brings home from preschool.

I took a strip of wood and painted it black.  Added a few metal clips and attached it to the wall:

Now, we’ll have a place to proudly display her artwork (rather than leaving it on the kitchen counter or cluttering the fridge).  It’s on the kitchen wall so this will give us a chance to talk about it each night at dinner.

Right above the art clips, I have framed a few of our favorites from the last 2 years of preschool.

I store all of the artwork and projects that come home in a box until the end of the year.  In the summer, we go through the box and pick our favorites.  I take our top 4 or 5 favorites and arrange them into a 12×12 frame and label them with her name and date.  Then, I photograph all the rest for the digital scrapbook or to use them as teacher thank you notes (see my teacher thank you note idea here).  Finally, I toss the artwork that doesn’t make the frame.  This helps reduce clutter around the house while still appreciating every piece of art that our kids make!