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Screen Printing vs. Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

If you've been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed my new obsession hobby is screen printing with Oracal 651 vinyl. Since I shared my first screen printing tutorial, many of you have asked why I prefer screen printing over heat transfer vinyl.  No... it's...

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Valentine’s Day Class Party Slime Activity

Are your kids still into slime making? The gooey mess is still a favorite craft activity for my girls. Add a little red food coloring, glitter and metallic confetti to your favorite slime recipe for a Valentine's activity that the whole class will enjoy.  This is an...

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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School

Hip Hip Horray, It's the 100th Day!  If you have an elementary school kiddo, you know the excitement of this particular day of school. Class usually revolves around lots of activities that involve counting to 100. The 100th day has actually become a bit of a running...

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