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8 Screen Printing Tips and Tricks

Keep your screen taut. Your screen should be stretched extremely tight across your frame. After using a new screen for a while, it will be come loose. This Screen Tool comes in super handy to push the vinyl spline back into the frame and tighten the screen. Apply a...

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How to Transfer a Favorite Recipe Card to a Towel

Take your favorite recipe and turn it into the perfect gift for grandparents or loved ones this holiday season.  This is an easy DIY project I did with my 11-year-old as a gift for her grandparents (she did most of the work!).  We took her great-grandmother's hand...

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WiFi Password Framed Display

Do you have dig for your WiFi password every time someone asks? Maybe it's taped to the back of your router that you have pull out.  It's super easy to get your guests connected without the hassle of looking for your password each time.  This printable PDF is...

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