Turkey Disguise Project

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is the turkey disguise school project.  The turkey needs a disguise to avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner.  This year, Payton decided to disguise her turkey as a robot.  Meet Robo-Turkey. We deconstructed an old laptop to...

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My Favorite Cupcake Carrier

I love making cupcakes for birthday parties, holidays or any occasion for that matter, but I've always had a challenge transporting decorated cupcakes to school. A couple years ago, I had what I thought was a great cupcake carrier.  Trying to balance a gazillion...

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First Grade Classroom

It's back to school time here in Texas. This school year is an exciting one for us. My mom is now teaching at our local elementary school. Being close has been so much fun.  We worked together to get her settled into her new classroom.  I'm excited to share how we...

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