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How to Host a Mystery Birthday Party

Can you solve the mystery of the missing party favors? When guests arrived at my daughter's 10th birthday party, they were challenged to solve a mystery to find the favors.  This took some planning to pull off but it was a fun activity! I created this activity to be...

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Nancy Drew Mystery Birthday Party

Taylor's 10th birthday party was a celebration of her love for all things Nancy Drew. We have read all of the Nancy Drew Diaries series, Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Series as well as most of the older Nancy Drew books. I'm excited to share the details of her mystery...

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Our Favorite Book Series for Young Girls

One of my most cherished times of the day is bedtime.  Since the girls were little, I have always read to them at night. Since they are 2 years apart with different interests, I read to them separately.  For my oldest, the Nancy Drew series has been our favorite for...

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